Organizations should Work With Agencies to Curb Cyber Crime

Why Organizations Should Help Law Enforcement Agencies in Fighting Cybercrime

Organizations should, in addition to preventing or combating cyberattacks themselves, also provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in combating cybercrime and tracking down cybercriminals. Unfortunately, this is an area that gets neglected. Most organizations remain ignorant of the fact that this is of utmost importance. It’s important not just because the cybercriminals are to be brought to book, it’s also important because the intervention and involvement of law enforcement agencies could prove instrumental in preventing future crimes as well.

For this to be accomplished, organizations need to ensure that their cybersecurity personnel do sufficient amount of malware analysis and research, which would help them gain in-depth knowledge about how malicious activities in general, and certain malware in specific work. This information could also be shared with law enforcement agencies whenever needed. That could prove helpful during the course of an investigation and might even lead to arrests. There are many incidents that prove this right.

Similarly, helping law enforcement agencies in combating cybercrime has another benefit as well. It contributes towards a collective hardening of defenses, across the internet, against cybercrime and cybercriminals in general.

Let’s discuss the different ways in which organizations and law enforcement agencies can join hands to prevent and combat cybercrime…

Efforts to be made to make it all difficult for the cybercriminals- Enterprises and law enforcement agencies should join hands to make things difficult for the cybercriminals. They should make sure that cyberattacks become more expensive and time consuming for the cybercriminals. This would deter many cybercriminals from making offensive moves against organizations. Similarly, if it’s ensured that the margin between the expense and the rewards of cybercrime is less, that itself would discourage many cybercriminals.

It’s to be seen that the returns are minimal- Most of the cyberattacks are carried out with the intention of making money. Thus, if it can be ensured that the returns are minimal, that itself would deter many cybercriminals from their activities. The impact of such moves could even make the smaller players, among cybercriminals, to end their business and beat a fast retreat.

Cybercrime can be prevented by increasing risks involved- Crime is never sans risk; criminals are ready to face the risks. But if the risks involved are increased, there are the chances that some of the criminals would desist from committing crimes. This applies to cybercrime, like any other kind of criminal activity. Arrests and convictions must be prompt, penalties, if any, should be heavy and any other action taken against cybercriminals should be tough.

Ensuring that the minutest of things don’t go unnoticed, during investigations- When an investigation is done, it’s to be ensured that even the minutest of things don’t go unnoticed. This can happen only if the organization and the law enforcement agency probing the case have a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of the case and all details included. Cybersecurity experts can play a key role here.

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