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Attacks Targeting Recent PHP Framework Vulnerability Found

New attacks that target a recent PHP framework vulnerability have been detected. It was last month that a code vulnerability was detected in the ThinkPHP framework; ThinkPHP is a rapid-development…

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What We Need To Learn From The World's Largest Data Leak

Troy Hunt, a prolific cybersecurity researcher has probably assembled one of the largest data leak collection in the world at the time of this writing. A collection of aggregate massive…

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The Marriage Of Two Security Companies Zix Acquires AppRiver

The New Year marriage of two security firms took place, as Zix, an email security consulting firm announced the acquisition of AppRiver, a cloud-based cybersecurity vendor to the tune of…

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Top 5 Monitoring Tools Every System Administrators Should Know

System administrators are tasked with monitoring software network / server that runs the backbone of any business today. They have to be alert with the activities on the system and…

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Chrome Extension that Steals Credit Card Data Detected

Security researchers have found a Google Chrome extension which steals payment card information and which is still available on Chrome Web Store. Researchers at Cybersecurity firm ElevenPaths have discovered the…

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11 Signs That We May Be Nearing Another Global Financial Crisis

There have not been so many signs of problems for the global economy in a long time. Analysts sound the alarm about junk bonds; smart money is coming out of…

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How To Install Kali Linux In Android

Android is known as the Linux kernel-based operating system that took the mobile computing segment by storm since 2008. Although it is running on top of a Linux kernel, it…

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Mozilla disabling support for Adobe Flash Plugin By Default

Adobe’s longtime ugly duckling in their application portfolio, Flash Player, which is scheduled to be discontinued in 2020, is slowly losing support from mainstream browsers. Mozilla, the developer of Firefox…

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Kent County Community Mental Health Hit By Phishing Attack

Since late October of 2018, Kent County Community Mental Health Authority is being attacked by a massive number of phishing messages. Their database administrator issued a notice in compliance with…

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Federal Websites Shutdown Due to Expired Security certificates

The public in the United States will no longer be able to access several Federal websites due to their expired HTTPS certificates. The Government has shut down the websites with…

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