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22 Apps in Google Play Store Taken Down Due To Backdoor Downloaders

Google continues its quest to keep Android users safe by actively banning apps they think will harm its users. This time around, a batch of 22 apps was deleted by…

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Year-in-Review Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

In less than 30 days, 2018 will end, and what an action-packed year it was in the sector of cybersecurity. But before we entertain any security predictions for 2019, we…

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The Dependability of VPN Protocols In the Nutshell

VPN is an example of providing a controlled connectivity over a public network such in coffee shops and airports. Virtual Private Networking utilizes a concept called an IP tunnel, a…

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Kubernetes’ Huge Privilege Escalation Bug Patched,

The Google-made Kubernetes container-orchestration system is heaven sent for container-based applications, used primarily in the enterprise. Released under the Apache license, this open source implementation rival proprietary brands for security…

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77% of Multinational Firms Are Not Ready To Get Hacked, Says IBM

IBM with the partnership with Ponemon Institute has released their latest survey regarding the readiness of companies to cybersecurity issues, revealing that 77% of participating firms have admitted that they…

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Who Will Be Missing Google AlloHangouts

Remember Allo? The used to be Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage in the area of instant messaging will enter the digital museum, joining Google Plus, Google Buzz, Google Talk, iGoogle…

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The Universal Plug & Play’s Unending Security Nightmare

IT security professionals for almost two decades have been warning everyone about the dangers of UPnP (Universal Plug&Play). The capability of routers, switches, and hubs to dynamically open ports as…

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Flaw in GDPR-Themed WordPress Plugin Used to Hijack Websites

A security flaw in a GDPR-themed WordPress plugin has been used by hackers to hijack websites, as per reports. A blog post by Defiant, a company that focuses on WordPress…

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Online Shopping Phenomenon and the Risks Involved

Black Friday sale is a big deal for the U.S. consumers, to a point that they spent tens of billions of dollars just in one day Pre-Christmas. This phenomenon for…

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Easy, 10-Step Malware Removal Plan for WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are very common now. The WordPress CMS is immensely popular and it’s easy to use as well, even for beginners. However, WordPress security is an area that many…

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