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Small or Big Business, Malware Hits Everyone 

Cyber attacks are in the news on a daily basis, but despite these stories, many business owners don’t feel the need to have protection consider malware to be a significant…

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Onslow County Utility Hit with Ransomware Attack

Just when they were trying to get back to normal life after the Hurricane Florence disaster, ONWASA, a water utility company was found to be targeted by cybercriminals. ONWASA provides…

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Hacking Prevention Ways to Improve Website Security

Website security is a caricature to the brick and mortar business’ physical security. With the various ways that cybercriminals have taken advantage of weaknesses, especially those that persist of using…

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Crypto Mining Malware Runs on iPhone

As reported on cryptovest a new research from Check Point shows cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting iPhones in crypto-mining attacks. While it never quite took off among consumers, Google Plus is…

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Facebook has recently downplayed the number of accounts that were earlier affected by the Facebook breach weeks ago. From the high of 50 million accounts from their further systems audit,…

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Top 5 Publicly Accessible Hacking Tool

In the field of hacking, experience is the key trait. There is currently no school that offers a Bachelor of Commercial Science Major in Hacking or similar course. Just like…

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All Browser Vendors Unite Goodbye to TLS

The second browser wars is still raging since the release of Firefox in 2002; more browsers entered the mainstream since then. The former browser champion, Internet Explorer has virtually left…

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Deep Web and Dark Web Explained

When we have to search something on the Internet, our mind by default goes to Google or Bing. Obviously, our mind is tuned that way, and we get the results…

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7 Useful Android Vulnerability Scanners

There is a huge difference between an Android antivirus and an Android app that offers vulnerability scans. The former has questionable effectiveness due to the way Google developed Android as…

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Deadly Cyber-Attack On Cards For UK, Warns NCSC Chief

An intelligence chief has warned the UK that it will be hit by the most serious type of cyber emergency at some point, it emerged that a specialist unit is…

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