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Teenager Hacked His SchoolMates’ Records Using His Teacher’s Account

We are in an age where millennials do outsmart adults when it comes to utilizing technology. More and more scenes we often see where young people teaching their baby boomer…

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European Android Devices Google Is The Old Microsoft

The European Union has flexed its muscles again to combat anti-competitive behavior. This time around, it is Google that is in the receiving end of the order. The search giant…

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Google Still Going Strong Even After 3rd Antitrust Fine

As we can remember, Google uses its strong influence in the market in order to get ahead of their competition in the advert market, something that enters the territory of…

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Website Malware Scanner

Elements Of A Well Researched Phishing Attempt

Phishers for decades have honed their skills of persuasion, that is why the art of fooling people through an Internet-messaging method is a huge business by cybercriminals. There is money…

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Community Efforts Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are by nature loud, they immediately inform the user of the device that their files are encrypted, and they need to “pay” the ransom in order for their…

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What is Cybercrime , How to Prevent Cybercrime

The Cybercrime Definition Cybercrime can be defined as any criminal activity involving any networked device (computer, smartphone etc) or a network itself. In cybercrime, a computing device is either the…

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Facebook Stored User Passwords in Plain Text for Years!

Facebook had for years stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text, according to a recent report. Brian Krebs has, through his website KrebsOnSecurity, made this rather startling…

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How To Deal With DNS Vulnerabilities

Believe it or not, in the early days of the Internet, all the domain names (nodes) it had been listed in just one file, the host file. Today, the host…

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Two Nasty No-Ransom “PewDiePie” Ransomwares, Trouble For Many

Obsession really goes a long way for people to get out of their way to cause trouble for others. As PewDiePie emerges as a Youtube sensation, his fanbase grew to…

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Google Photos Vulnerability that Lets Retrieve Image Metadata

A vulnerability that was detected in the web version of Google Photos could be used by hackers to retrieve image metadata. ZDNet reports, “Google has patched a bug in its…

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