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$60 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency Stolen in the Zaif Cyberheist

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif is hacked to the tune of 6.7 billion yen or $60 million dollars worth of crypto coins by cybercriminals. The heist incident happened between 5 pm…

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Hacks of US Department of State email server and Data Stolen

The latest agency to be hacked is the Department of State US government agency. All the data are stolen from the email servers. The hack was reported to employees by…

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Second Quarter Threat Report 2018 Nasty Malware Trend, Growing not Shrinking

If people and companies will depend heavily on cybersecurity news when deciding what operating system to use, nobody will use Windows. That is a plausible practical view of utilitarian users,…

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Corporate Legacy Systems in the Face of Today’s Cybersecurity Dilemma

Companies today are very aware of malware, and they accept that a wrong mistake in their cybersecurity preparations can spell an end to their businesses. There is a school of…

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Malicious Weaponized Version of SnowBox App, Spreading in the Wild

For those that don’t want to pay for HD content, they end-up using gray-area apps to accomplish the same thing. However, aside from the user-made free content on Youtube, there…

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Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in During Bearish Trends

So, which cryptocurrencies would you invest in during bearish markets? Between bearish and bullish momentums, the cryptocurrency markets would tend to flip very frequently and this would leave investors totally…

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MagBO Black Market Hacking Site, Caught Selling 3,000 Website Login Credentials

Flashpoint, a cyber threat research firm has exposed MagBO as a black market site that is used as a central source for unauthorized access to 3,000 hacked websites. The new…

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The Common Factors in Phishing

Nowadays, the Internet plays a significant role in online commerce and business activities. However, the weak security awareness of users on the Internet and, a strong motivation for profit attracts…

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Google’s Vulnerability Scanning for Their Cloud Infrastructure in Beta

Google is engaging in a very competitive market in cloud storage and solutions sector. It is a growth market where the search giant is wrestling arms with Amazon Cloud Services,…

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Japan Hit By Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Here’s news about yet another cryptocurrency hack that has impacted Japan. Zaif, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform has been attacked and hackers have got away with 6.7 billion yen ($60…

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