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4 Most Recognizable Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

Antimalware Apps Recently, Google went out of their way to clean-up Google Play Store from apps pretending to be antimalware apps, but really just consuming resources of the Android device….

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Why Internet Security is Important Today

The internet, by revolutionizing communications, has changed the very way we live. Almost every aspect of human life is now touched by the internet and we depend on it for…

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Office 365, G Suite Cloud Accounts Hacked Using IMAP Protocol

Hackers are now using IMAP protocol to hack Office 365 and G Suite cloud accounts, bypassing multi-factor authentication; and these kinds of attacks are difficult to protect against, according to…

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Website Malware Scanner

Telegram Gained 3 Million New Users Due To Facebook Downtime

The recent Facebook downtime became a blessing in disguise for Telegram, a Facebook Messenger competitor. The App grew with 3 million new users overnight, as the most used instant messaging…

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Breed Ready Women Database Discovered In A Chinese IP

China is known to have full control of information flow inside its borders. The primary tool the Chinese authorities use to control the flow of data and information is their…

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Due To Disabled Auto-Update Old WinRar Bug Caused Trouble For Users

Just like the operating system itself, application software needs to be updated regularly in order to prevent the possibility of fixed security vulnerability from being taken advantage of by 3rd…

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Unpatched Plugin Cost MSP To Fall For Ransomware Infection

Signing-up for Managed Service Providers (MSP) is a quick solution to lower the cost of maintenance for workstation troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance. However, allowing a 3rd party company as the…

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Phishing Scam Hits Carmel Unified School District

The Carmel Unified School District in the state of California has reportedly been hit by a phishing scam. Reports say that the Carmel Unified School District has sent out an…

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Firefox Send Set To Reform The File Transfer Service Market

For decades, people are using email attachments in order to send files to their intended recipients. However, using emails as a channel of transferring files across long distances is not…

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Beware Of Deceptive Antimalware Apps In Android

Right after Windows, antimalware vendors have set their sights on Android as their next “platform” to protect (or at the very least claiming to protect). As Windows is an undisputed…

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