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The Wi-Fi security flaw ‘Krack Attack’

A major new security flaw has been discovered, and it practically affects everyone who uses WiFi, it’s called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks). It’s a way for hackers to decrypt and…

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Cyber security

Cybersecurity Strategy refers to the security plans enterprises adopt in order to safeguard their businesses against various evolving cybersecurity threats. These security plans are the result of a lot of…

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Russians Hacking

Russia has ventured into a new battlefront to counter the NATO forces in Europe. According to the latest report, the Russians are exploiting the point of vulnerability of troop’s smartphones….

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Data Breach

A new report from NetDiligence has found that an aggregated total breach of cyber even cost is US$394,000, which an average company’s loss could be around US$3.2 million NetDiligence, a…

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T-Mobile Hack

It has been reported that 76 million users’ data leaked with a massive scale Hack, on T-Mobile. Karak Saini discovered the bug in the API, where the user searched…

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Best Malware Removal Tools

Since the advent of online businesses, websites on which these businesses are conducted have been the target of hackers. The situation only worsened when various Content Management Systems CMS(s) –…

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Musgrave Group Cyber Attack

Musgrave, the Irish retail group is the latest victim of the recent cyber-attack. The group has confirmed that it was subject to attack, which has impacted its Centra, SuperValu and…

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DNS Malware

A new version of DNS Messenger attack was discovered by the researcher, which masquerades as the SEC US Securities and Exchange Commission and plants malware on government server that is…

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vulnerability from Apple

Finally, we have another vulnerability from Apple. The Mobile developers recently announced about iOS and how the password and user id is at risk, which may put the user under…

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PornHub Malware

Millions of PornHub users have been infected with advertising malware by cyber crooks ‘in a year-long attack’. Reports say that the attack, using the Kotver malware, could have been used…

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