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On Firewalls and Their Role in Enterprise Security

Firewalls are integral to enterprise security; over the years, firewalls have evolved greatly to ensure better functionality and to provide comprehensive security to users/enterprises. What is a firewall? A firewall…

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5 Bad “Features” Not To Look For In A CMS Software

The Content Management System market is very competitive these days, with a partial list of all CMS softwares that exist can be seen in a Wikipedia page. Whether the web…

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Secure Web Gateway Mechanics Made Simple

What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)? For the perspective of a typical Joe or Jill of today’s computing, Secure Web Gateway is an alien name. However, it is simply…

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Website Malware Scanner

Bad Valentines for Optus, As Sim Activation System Got Hacked

It was a bad Valentines day for Optus, a mainstream telecom firm operating in Australia, as the company’s account website and pre-paid mobile SIM activation system were successfully breached by…

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617 Million Stolen Accounts For ‘Clearance Sale’ In The DarkWeb

The Dark Web is once again is hosting a ‘clearance sale’ of at least 617 million user credentials, collectively coming from recently hacked services including ShareThis, Whitepages, 500px, Dubsmash, and…

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After many years of patching and fixing of DNS name servers, it is unfortunate that there are still DNS services that are still vulnerable to DNS cache poisoning attack. This…

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Pen Testing As A Growing Industry For Good Hackers

We often hear it. A Bank X was hacked. Social Media Site Z became a victim of a data breach. Celebrity Y was hacked, and we knew who she had…

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AI Analytics Reveals Facebook’s Preferred Employee Traits

The advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has started exposing the true behavior of companies that is impossible to know before. A startup company with strong drive to AI development, Diffbot…

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How To Get Ready With The Unprecedented Growth Of IoT Devices

The IoT era has already begun and it can be said that it is a stage where it is rapidly expanding now, both at the homes and the enterprise space….

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10 Practical Computer Protection Tips

On February 5, 2019, the world celebrated the “Safer Internet Day”. This day allowed netizens to be reminded that the Internet is a real digital jungle, but there are some…

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