Now, Google’s AI to Book Your Appointment Over The Phone

Now Googles AI to Book Your Appointment Over The Phone

Guess what, Google’s Assistant AI is getting smarter by the day. Ask it about the weather and you will get the answer, or if that matters ask it to crack a joke it will do. Now, going further you can expect Google AI to order your lunch in advance.

As demonstrated in the video featuring Sundar Pichai, the AI will be able to make calls and take care of your appointments, just like humans. Google demoed how this human sounding assistant is able to make an appointment over phone calls. They call it Google Duplex.

We have seen and heard the robotic version of such customer interaction before, but this wasn’t anything like that nor was it an online auto-filling forms. The reaction from the audience as they shared the experience was like it was a phone call between a man working at a Salon and Google’s AI Assistant.

A few alerted the Doomsday clock citing how a machine is taking up human job.

It looks like the Google’s AI navigated seamlessly with practically no delay. Taking into account that it didn’t took much time back and forth to react. Though the conversation between the AI and human sounded bit mechanical, but one cannot make out. The intonation was perfect and you it didn’t sound robotic.

It was interesting to see the AI responding in “hmm and uh”, just like how normal humans respond. The million dollar question is to see how Google’s Duplex fairs. As Sundar Pichai, said, “We are still developing this technology.” It will be rolled out for testing in the coming weeks.

Next you have Smart Compose as AI feature that can write emails for you. This was another impressive feature which received applause.
Google’s AI also goes a step ahead to colorize black-white pictures using advanced object recognition and machine learning. As quoted in the Futurism, it looks like Duplex is desperately awaited by many offices that want to have this robotic assistant.


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