7 Android Security Features You Never Knew You Needed

7 Android Security Features You Never Knew You Needed

If you own an Android phone and you’re feeling naked in terms of security, it’s great to know the open source mobile OS has some nifty security features.

From keeping a lock on your screen to finding your lost phone, here are some of the Android’s best kept security features.

Smart Lock

These days, it is no longer advisable to keep a simple password. You need to create a password with 10 to 20 characters using a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Unfortunately, these passwords are hard to remember. Good thing there’s Google Smart Lock which automatically remembers your passwords for you. This make keeping strong passwords very convenient and stress-free.

Find My Device

There’s always a possibility of your phone getting misplaced or stolen. For this security issue, Google has created the Find My Device feature which will help you track the location of your phone when this happens. You can also lock and erase the contents of your device by using this feature. Just go to Google and type “find my phone” to see for yourself.

Two Factor Authentication

For a more extra-secure email account, you can enable two factor authentication. This means Google will send a code or permission to your phone to confirm it’s you opening your account. Your device becomes a challenge to every log-in which means your account cannot be easily taken over if they do not have your device in their possession.

App Permissions

Drive-by downloads are dangerous. Malware will often automatically unpack themselves after they download onto your phone. If you have app permissions enabled, you’ll be notified about anything an app wants to do on your phone. So you can block something that wants to install on your phone or a trojan virus packed as an app from accessing your data like your pictures and documents.

Incognito Browsing

What you do in your browser is being tracked, even by your Internet service provider. To make sure your browsing session is private, go for incognito browsing so what you do online stays only in your computer.

Screen Security Pins

When you leave your phone, there’s a danger that someone else will violate your privacy by looking at it while you’re gone. Thankfully, Android has a smart lock feature which automatically locks your phone and challenges anyone with a PIN or a password.

Google Play Protect

Google has its own security feature which scans and removes malign apps from your phone. Just go to your Android’s security settings to enable this feature.

You’re probably not aware but your phone is a cachet of your habits and secrets. This is why you shouldn’t keep it unsecure. Enable these Android security features, and you’re phone will keep your data private.

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