Four IT Challenges of Software Development Teams & How to Manage Them

— Date: 20th Jun, 2018     Time: 15:30 pm,     Host: Ofir Agasi Director of Product Marketing, Cato Networks
From India to Belarus, organizations are tapping programming advancement ability in developing markets. These engineers regularly work outside of organization workplaces, prompting four IT challenges that can undermine designer efficiency, render cloud-based forming systems and storehouses unusable, complicate onboarding new developers, and increase risk...

Inside the Cyber Underworld: The Black Market Report

— Date: 21th Jun, 2018     Time: 22:30 pm,     Host: Corey Milligan Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst
From credit card information to fake visas, pretty much anything is accessible at the correct cost on the Dark Web. For three months, Armor's Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) investigate group pulled information from many black markets and gatherings to offer a glance at how the market for cybercriminals' merchandise and ventures keeps on flourishing. Key Points:
  • The prices for stolen credit cards and bank information
  • How cybercrime-as-a-service has shaped the threat landscape
  • The sale of malware, exploits, code-signing certificates and more
  • Why your social media accounts and airline rewards points are valuable to hackers
  • How hackers profit from identity theft and the sale of false documents

How Collaboration (or Lack Thereof) Affects Your Endpoints

— Date: 07th Jun, 2018     Time: 11:00 am,     Host: Aram Eblighatian Senior Product Manager - IBM BigFix
Overseeing and securing endpoints is an unpredictable activity with numerous moving parts. IT activities and security groups are in charge of various, yet associated activities – and both require the achievement of the other.
  • How the BigFix ecosystem works and how your business can take advantage of it.
  • Specific use cases regarding BigFix integrations with IBM QRadar, IBM Resilient, ForeScout and Carbon Black.

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