Building Your Identity-aware Infrastructure

— Date: 22th Feb, 2018     Time: 11:30 am,     Host: Darran Rolls,
As the universe of character keeps on developing, the objectives continue as before. A legitimate character administration program ought to guarantee the perfect individuals have the correct access to the correct information at the opportune time. Character administration is the thing that causes you guarantee those objectives are accomplished. Join Darran Rolls, the CTO and CISO of SailPoint, the pioneer in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, as he shows how to fabricate a personality mindful framework. For more details - Webinar Page Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn what it means to have an open identity platform and program
  • Understand the benefits of an open approach to identity for consistent and sustainable governance
  • Get an understanding of how to build an identity-aware infrastructure

Why Many Websites are still Insecure (How to Fix Them)

— Date: 15th Mar, 2018     Time: 11:00 am,     Host: Josh Aas, Scott Helme, Vlad Krasnov
The most recent variant of the vehicle layer security (TLS) convention was propelled toward the finish of 2017, and form 1.3 proposes the biggest change with upgrades to execution and security. Nonetheless, there has not been far reaching reception of this convention which leaves numerous clients presented to information and security breaks. In this online class, we will take a gander at the new improvements in TLS and SSL, why the web needs better security and the specialized difficulties of good encryption. For more details Visit : Webinar Page Key takeaways:
  • Why the TLS 1.2 was so slow to be adopted
  • Will TLS 1.3 adoption be faster than that of TLS 1.2?
  • What problems and vulnerabilities did TLS 1.3 address
  • What are the risks from slow adoption
  • How you can help solve this proble

Strategies for Improving Enterprise Application Security

— Date: 07th Mar, 2018     Time: 23:30 pm,     Host: SARA PETERS, BRAD CAUSY
About This Webinar Most online assaults start when a programmer finds a solitary weakness in an endeavor application. Be that as it may, in what manner would organizations be able to wipe out these vulnerabilities previously they are abused? While most ventures are centered around application checking and remediation, numerous product advancement specialists are upholding better, more secure application improvement activities that keep vulnerabilities from happening in any case. In this webcast, specialists on application security and the DevOps development examine the means that ventures can take to incorporate security with the application improvement process. For more visit - Webinar Page Attend this webinar and you'll learn:
  • how to work more effectively with developers
  • how to maintain application security when developers are using containers to build and deploy apps
  • how to recognize and avoid the most common vulnerabilities that appear in homegrown enterprise applications
  • what security factors developers should consider when selecting open-source, third-party software components
  • how to work with DevOps teams to watch out for implementation errors as well as vulnerabilities

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