Solving the 3 Most Common Website Security Problems

— Date: 15th Nov, 2017     Time: 13:00 pm,     Host: Kenneth Geers, Carlos Solari
Lax website security can put your business’s reputation and your customers’ sensitive data at risk. A recent study showed that 86 percent of websites contain at least one serious vulnerability1, and Juniper Research estimates that cybercrime costs will reach $2 trillion by 20192. To stay protected, organizations of all sizes need to make website security a priority. To know more visit webinar website..

How to Recover and Protect Data Efficiently

— Date: 16th Nov, 2017     Time: 10:00 am,     Host: Ben Munnings, Dan Raywood, Dan Sloshberg, Steve Wright
Shielding your information from assailants can feel like a round of feline and mouse. Losing the amusement has genuine results particularly with the forthcoming GDPR implementation. Knowing where your information is, the means by which to ensure it and recover it viably are key standards all associations must ace – whether that information is put away in the cloud or locally. Email information is a key storehouse that requests consideration. How secure and proficiently put away is your email information, and how rapidly would you be able to recover it? Visit Webinar website...

Ransomware: A Hunting We Will Go

— Date: 15th Nov, 2017     Time: 11:30 am,     Host: Kyle Wilhot
Ransomware is one of the most loved kinds of malware and is especially horrible and hinting at no backing off. Join this online class as Senior Security Researcher Kyle Wilhoit encourages us to comprehend ransomware patterns, ransomware utilize cases, the budgetary workings behind the assaults and how to battle these assaults. Kyle will likewise take a gander at some up and coming Ransomware forecasts for 2018. To know more information, Visit Webinar Website  ..

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