SecOps and You: Cybersecurity Metrics that Matter

— Date: 13th Nov, 2018     Time: 11:30 am,     Host: Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research
This webinar shares the SecOps secrets of all successful cybersecurity organizations. You’ll Learn the following things:
  • What do they track and measure?
  • What are their operational processes?
  • And how can your organization be more like theirs?

The Keys to Securing Data in Motion

— Date: 04th Oct, 2018     Time: 14:00 pm,     Host: Acting Editor, Infosecurity Magazine
In this webinar, we will focus the five important factors of securing data in motion: encryption, automation, compliance, secure email and collaboration. Key Points:
  • Insight into the common difficulties organizations face when securing their data in motion.
  • Real insight of how taking an integrated strategy to data security is working for organizations of all sizes.

How to Secure the Four Corners of Modern IT

— Date: 20th Sep, 2018     Time: 13:00 pm,     Host: Torry Crass, CISO, Leo Cybersecurity
In this webinar, we will look at these four corners of current IT and consider how security can still function with these new platforms and what difficulties can be overcome. Key Points: What differences do cloud, virtualization, and containers have from on-premise? What challenges do these new models offer to usability? How do DevOps and automation make the security process easier? Does working with multiple cloud platforms make things easier or harder?..

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