Attacks Targeting Recent PHP Framework Vulnerability Found

New attacks that target a recent PHP framework vulnerability have been detected. It was last month that a code vulnerability was detected in the ThinkPHP framework; ThinkPHP is a rapid-development…

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Top 4 Bad Habits Web Developers Need To Forget

Web developers today wide elbow room when it comes to developing their sites, as we enter the age of modern Javascript-engine browsers capable of Web Assembly, WebGL 2.0 and advance…

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Easy, 10-Step Malware Removal Plan for WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are very common now. The WordPress CMS is immensely popular and it’s easy to use as well, even for beginners. However, WordPress security is an area that many…

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How Did This Chrome Bug Expose User Facebook Details?

The new release of browser Chrome 68 from Google marks all non-HTTPS website as Not Secure, thus cautioning the user that they are on the website at their own risk. The original article…

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Why Mozilla Banned 23 Firefox Add-Ons For Mining User Data 

The ban hammer is working tirelessly in Mozilla Land, as the non-profit Developer has recently deleted twenty-three Firefox add-ons from their site that Mozilla detected for harvesting data from…

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Here’s How You Can Secure Your Google Chrome From Cyberattack

Google Chrome is definitely one of the most popular web browsers being used today—but could it also be one of the riskiest? Hackers, as we know, are perpetually after whatever…

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Google Chrome Warns It’s Now Time To Ban Websites With No Https

Google’s Chrome Browser is now labeling all non-https website as explicitly “not secure.” With the release of Chrome 68 yesterday, all http websites will now display the tag “not secure”…

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How to Keep Your Website Safe From a Cyber Attack

For any business, the website that the company has means a lot. In fact, the website could be counted as one of the most valuable and important online properties that…

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How To Cover Your ASSets While Perusing The Darknet

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it doesn’t have to ruin your next adventure onto the darknet. Sure, it can be a highly dangerous digital environment, but it can…

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Google to mark all non HTTP pages as not secure

As we hit the browser day in and day out we have seen how the web security has taken to new heights. Today HTTPS encryption means the website is secure,…

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