Valdez City, Alaska, the Newest Victim of Ransomware to Pay for Decryption

The massive change of malware trends happened last year when WannaCry of 2017 figuratively took the IT world to a terrible storm. The world has changed forever, as virus authors…

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North Korean Spy Charged For 2014 Sony Pictures Hack

North Korea has been trying all these years to hack into American organizations and steal financial institution around the world. The Justice Department charged on Thursday in a 174-page criminal…

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Top iPhone Supplier in Taiwan Recovers from WannaCry Infection

A top iPhone supplier in Taiwan was recently hit by WannaCry attack, from which the company has reportedly recovered… Leading iPhone supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), as per recent…

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WannaCry Out, SamSam Ransomware In

Ransomware has taken the stage of malware infestation by storm, as it is designed not to shy away from victims. On-screen announcements such as the one below promote anger and…

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Reports of Fake WannaCry Ransomware Are On The Rise

According to the U.K.’s national reporting center, ransomware is one of the most dangerous forms of cybercrime known today. A warning has been issued to the public about the rise…

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Cybersecurity at NHS failed, admits officials.

Every NHS trust assessed for cybersecurity vulnerabilities has failed to meet the standard required, civil servants have said for the first time. It was the first time that the NHS came out with…

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The Year 2018 will see Ransomware on the Rise

In the year 2015, we saw how ransomware created havoc across the world inflicting some $350 million damage, and the trend followed in 2016 with $850. Last year it stood…

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2018 Likely To Be A Year Of Massive Cyber Attacks

2017 is drawing to a close; we, at HackerCombat, are all set to accord a warm welcome to the new year… 2017 had been really eventful for us; we had…

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The Most Infamous Ransomware Attacks of 2017

Ransomware seems to be the trend in the world of cyber attacks.Some cyber security experts even call 2017 the year of ransomware attacks; they were so rampant and were discussed…

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U.S DHS and FBI Issue Alerts about North Korea-Backed Cyber Attacks

The U.S Department of Homeland Security, along with the FB, has come out with a statement that hackers who reportedly have ties with North Korea could still gain backdoor access…

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