Heighten End-User’s Responsibility with Fighting Phishing

Antimalware companies have made many innovations for many decades in order to keep individuals and enterprises secure from cyber risks. However, human end-users are still considered the weakest part of…

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Software meant for Apple could have been a Malware went unnoticed for 10 years

Security specialists on Tuesday revealed a technique that could’ve enabled hackers to bypass a wide range of extensive commercial products to protect Apple devices from malware. While there’s no confirmation…

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Git Repository Vulnerability That Causes Remote Code Execution Attacks

A serious vulnerability, which could cause remote code execution attacks has been detected and then patched in the Git software source code. The patching of this vulnerability has helped prevent…

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The Drupe App is Back on Google Play Store Following Vulnerability

Popular dialer app Drupe is now back on the Google Play Store, following security vulnerability, for anyone who’d want to download it. A few days ago, a security vulnerability was…

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A DoS Flaw That Could Help Take Down WordPress Websites

Quite recently, a simple but serious application-level DoS (Denial of Service) flaw has been discovered in the WordPress CMS platform; this DoS vulnerability could help anyone take down most WordPress…

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Online Bank Accounts Among Hackers’ Favorite Targets

Online bank accounts are among the most favorite of targets for all hackers, as per a recent survey report. A report published by Positive Technologies (a global provider of enterprise…

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Unpatched Linux Vulnerability Used for Monero Mining

Guess what the favorite tool of hackers is when they want to infect Linux servers with crypto mining malware. It’s a 5-year-old security vulnerability that is being exploited in the…

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Damages Caused by Malware

The harm caused by a virus or malware, which infects a home PC or a corporate system can be diverse – from an insignificant increase in traffic in your network…

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How Secure are Microchips

Banks across the world spend a lot of time and money to protect the information of their customers. An irony, the easiest way for hackers to get information is through…

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Security Vulnerability Detected by Google in Microsoft Edge

Google has now detected a new vulnerability in Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 default web browser; this detection has been made as part of Google’s Project Zero program. On MSFT,…

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