The Contents Of The Microsoft January 2019 Patch Tuesday

As the 2019 Windows update season starts, we are set to witness the last full year of Windows 7 support, while Windows 8.x and 10 will continue to receive updates…

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Nasty Side-Channel Attack Vulnerability (Again) In Windows & Linux Discovered

A new variant of side-channel attack is recently discovered being actively exploited in the wild against Windows and Linux targets. Publicly revealed in a paper titled ‘Page Cache Attacks’ published…

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Researchers Found Goldluck Malware Infecting iPhone Apps

The Goldluck malware has been around for more than a year. The malware basically gave hackers privileges which allowed them to send premium messages and earn money. Historically, Goldluck has…

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13 Privilege Escalation Bugs For CleanMyMac X Discovered, Updated Fix in Version 4.2.0 Released

In the Windows platform, the use of system cleaning tools such as CCleaner has been a regular part used for Windows computer housekeeping. Same housekeeping is required with a Mac,…

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Almost 19,500 Orange Modems Leaking WiFi Credentials

This is becoming a real headache for customers of Orange Livebox ADSL modem in France and Spain during the Christmas season; almost 19,500 modems have been discovered leaking WiFi credentials….

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What the DJI Vulnerability Tells Us About Live Video Security

At the beginning of November 2018, it was revealed that Chinese drone company DJI had exposed users to a serious vulnerability. The vulnerability, according to a Forbes’ report about the…

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Top 4 Bad Habits Web Developers Need To Forget

Web developers today wide elbow room when it comes to developing their sites, as we enter the age of modern Javascript-engine browsers capable of Web Assembly, WebGL 2.0 and advance…

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Banking Trojan Made in Brazil? A Brief Look

For decades, malware, especially those that can be considered as ‘weaponized’ have been proven developed by state-actors. State-actors are country-hired hackers, with the purpose of developing weaponized software in order…

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Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Hacked, Many Sites Hit

Thousands of websites were impacted when Daniel’s Hosting, the prominent Dark Web hosting provider was hacked recently. As per reports, Daniel’s Hosting was hacked this week and taken offline, which…

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Facebook’s New Dilemma, Silently Patched

Facebook has silently patched a vulnerability very recently that enabled 3rd party sites to extract user information without seeking the consent of individual users first. The aggregate data extraction includes…

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