7 Useful Android Vulnerability Scanners

There is a huge difference between an Android antivirus and an Android app that offers vulnerability scans. The former has questionable effectiveness due to the way Google developed Android as…

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The Highly Competitive Web Application Firewall Market

The Internet continues to be a rich environment for vulnerability scans against weak websites and web hosting facilities. Businesses with a web presence are the most attacked entities on the…

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All WhatsApp Users Must Update: Zero Day Bug Found in WhatsApp

Google Project Zero’s Natalie Silvanovich has discovered a critical vulnerability in the Facebook-owned WhatsApp instant messaging app. In her twitter feed last October 9, 2019, she broke the news to…

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TOP 10 PHP Vulnerability Scanners

In today’s world, automation is the name of the game. People expect a faster way to do the job, to meet deadlines and settle obligations. Same goes with the security…

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Nasty Linux Kernel Vulnerability Discovered, Mandatory Kernel Update Required

The Linux Kernel since version 3.16 to 4.18.8 has an unfixed vulnerability, as disclosed by Google Project Zero. The vulnerability was first exposed by Jann Horn, a cybersecurity researcher under…

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No Takers for Zero-Day Vulnerabilities on the Dark Web

According to experts vulnerability sales have been all but driven off the dark web, which now operates in the open. For years the secretive market for zero-day exploits thrived in…

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Google’s Vulnerability Scanning for Their Cloud Infrastructure in Beta

Google is engaging in a very competitive market in cloud storage and solutions sector. It is a growth market where the search giant is wrestling arms with Amazon Cloud Services,…

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IoT Devices and a More Secure Future

Internet-of-Things are slowly but surely making its presence felt both in the enterprise and everyday personal computing. It is a fresh area for innovation, as the smartphone market and the…

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Your Tesla Model S Could Be Gone in 1.6 Seconds

If you have a Tesla Model S parked in your garage, pay careful attention to this news. A group of cybersecurity researchers from the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC)…

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5 Steps on How to Create Your Own Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybercriminals design sophisticated attacks on the cloud infrastructure daily. Risk profiles must be created when organizations are adopting containers. The risk profile should contain the types of threats and vulnerabilities…

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