The Data Breach Hits Marriott Hotels Group Exposes 5 Million Guest Details

Late last year, we have featured here in the story about Marriot International Hotel chain data breach and the resulting accusation against China allegedly being the one behind the…

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A Deeper Look At The U.S. Navy’s Resolve Against Cyber Security Threats

The U.S. Navy is gearing towards increasing their cybersecurity capability in order to foil any cyber attack attempts from outsiders. Dubbed as Resilient Cyber Warfare Capabilities for NAVAIR Weapon Systems…

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Processor Woes Continue: 7 New Meltdown and Spectre Bugs Arrive Weeks Before The Holidays

2018 is not a good year for chip vendors, as they have not received any break when it comes to the continued stream of discoveries when it comes to their…

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Status of Today’s Email as a Malware Vector

Email has been in use since 1971, as developed by Ray Tomlinson, the person responsible with defining the “@” symbol that separates the domain name from the user’s email name….

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Hack the Marine Corps Nets Over $151,000 in Awards

The results of the ‘Hack the Marine Corps’ bug bounty challenge have been announced; over 150 valid vulnerabilities have been uncovered, netting more than $151,000 in awards. It was in…

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Midland, Ontario Canada at the Wake of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a very big business for cybercriminals when partnered with the victim’s inefficient or worse, non-existent backup system – that is a jackpot for ransomware authors. Ransomware attacks user’s…

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UK Based Firm EE Hit by Two Security Vulnerabilities

As revealed by Tech Crunch, the UK-based telecommunication firm EE, endured recurrent flaws in its online system. In one week, EE fixed two security vulnerabilities that could potentially impact their…

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New Mirai Botnet Variant Now Infects Vulnerable IoT Devices Near You

Right after the smartphone and tablet revolution that disrupted the laptop market considerably, the next big thing is the proliferation of IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices. The days when toasters, refrigerators, home…

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Checkpoint Research Released Video Demo of a Nasty WhatsApp flaw

WhatsApp, the $19.3 billion mobile instant messaging platform acquisition of Facebook four years ago in 2014, has finally acknowledged the critical bug in its “Quote” function. It is a bug…

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Why Penetration Testing is Important

For enterprises, encountering IT security vulnerabilities have become common incident around their enterprise networks and IT systems. These IT security vulnerabilities can possibly be cause by countless reasons that the…

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