The Marriage Of Two Security Companies: Zix Acquires AppRiver

The New Year marriage of two security firms took place, as Zix, an email security consulting firm announced the acquisition of AppRiver, a cloud-based cybersecurity vendor to the tune of…

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Will Russia Intervene With The 2019 Israeli Legislative Elections?

In less than four months, the Israel Legislative election will be held and the incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is expecting the nation to hold an honest election come April…

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How Not to Get Scammed Online in 2019

All throughout 2018, cybersecurity has made headlines around the world. After a devastating wave of ransomware attacks, it is widely recognized that cybercrime is on the rise and has been…

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Shamoon Malware from 2016-2017 Evolved With File Wiping Capability, Targets Middle East Countries

McAfee, the Intel subsidiary antimalware vendor has recently disclosed the evolution of the Shamoon malware, with Europe and the Middle East as the two most infected regions. The newer version…

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7 Tips for Securing Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

There are lots of people today who see cryptocurrency trading and investment as a profitable activity. But then, if you don’t secure your cryptocurrency wallet properly, it could finally result…

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How To Choose The Best DDoS Protection Service?

Anti DDoS service companies have become a surprise sunshine industry for at least the last five years. This business, which made Cloudflare a household name enables websites to be more…

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The Rise of Mobile Payments and the Technology Keeping Them Secure

If the growth of the internet has transformed one aspect of our lives more than any other in recent years, it is the way in which we interact with money….

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Seven Steps to Data Loss Prevention

It is not that only large enterprise should worry about Data Loss Prevention because now even small companies of all sizes are the target for hackers. Having a DLP in…

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Women Empowerment in Technology and IT Security Pushed

Women in technology is a force to recon with, as it is one of the most gender-neutral industries on a global scale. This has been the message echoed in the…

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Your Network Hardware Maybe Aiding Spies Right Now

Yes, really. Your government or a foreign spy agency might be tuning in right now through your router or your server equipment. Two Cases of Hardware Tampering In 2015, Amazon…

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