New Ransomware Strain in China Infects Over 20,000 PCs

A new ransomware strain has infected and disrupted the functioning of more than 20,000 PCs in China, as per reports. ZDNet reports, “Over 20,000 Chinese users have had their Windows…

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Cybercrime Evolution: 2017 is for Ransomware, while 2018 is for Cryptojacking Malware

The growth of Bitcoin and its derivative cryptocurrencies have expanded people’s point-of-view on what it really is, a new representation of real-world money. We used to associate money to currency,…

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How Should Corporate Leaders Deal With Ransomware

2017 was the year of ransomware, most especially WannaCry, which single-handedly earned its authors an estimated $4 billion in ransom payment. Though the hype of the ransomware infection globally has…

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Banking Trojan Made in Brazil? A Brief Look

For decades, malware, especially those that can be considered as ‘weaponized’ have been proven developed by state-actors. State-actors are country-hired hackers, with the purpose of developing weaponized software in order…

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Emergency Drills for Cyber Attacks, Promoted in Northern New Zealand

In the real world, emergency response teams regularly perform drills in order to train their staff on how to act in case a real emergency occurs. These drills enable first…

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Valdez City, Alaska, the Newest Victim of Ransomware to Pay for Decryption

The massive change of malware trends happened last year when WannaCry of 2017 figuratively took the IT world to a terrible storm. The world has changed forever, as virus authors…

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Quebec Dubbed As An Embarrassment After Paying $30,000 To Ransomware Authors

Ransomware has been very effective and profitable for virus authors for strictly one reason, many of its victims and future victims have one thing in common: lack of credible backup…

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TA505 Cybercrime Group Experimenting with a New RAT In The Wild

Apparently, the notorious cybercrime community named TA505 is very active again, this time they are heavily testing in the wild the effectiveness of a new variant of a remote access…

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Down But Not Out, WannaCry Malware Continues to Infect Unpatched Windows PCs

WannaCry, the worst malware of 2017, netting its own virus author an estimated global profit of $4 billion has not ended its run yet. 2018 as a year of ransomware…

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Ransomware Remediation for Comprehensive Protection

Ransomware attacks have become very common these days; organizations big and small, as well as individuals, are getting targeted. Cybercriminals are doing brisk business and making big money out of…

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