Flaw in GDPR-Themed WordPress Plugin Used to Hijack Websites

A security flaw in a GDPR-themed WordPress plugin has been used by hackers to hijack websites, as per reports. A blog post by Defiant, a company that focuses on WordPress…

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Extortion Scams in Australia is Growing: Tips To Remain Safe Issued by ACCC

Virus infection, ransomware, phishing or cryptojacking malware are not the only techniques that cybercriminals used to earn money from their victims, a classic case of crimes works too. One such…

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Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce, Favorite Whipping Boy of Phishers

Phishing attacks anchor itself by its two strong instruments: Pretending to be from a popular brand The clever presentation making its message believable Without these two aspects, phishing attempts will…

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India’s Banking Cybersecurity Woes

India, one of the fastest growing emerging markets today is in the cybersecurity news headlines once more, as the country has been named as the 3rd most vulnerable country to…

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Aspire Health, Another Healthcare Firm as a Phishing Victim

Aspire Health, through its federal court record, has revealed that it was a victim of a nasty phishing attack through email that exposed patients’ records to unknown parties this September…

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What Went Wrong: The Zoho CRM Downtime of 2018

Customer Relationship Management vendor, Zoho went offline after its registrar applied for a suspension order, due to a phishing issue. TierraNet deliberately took down the zoho.com domain as a countermeasure…

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Indian Corporates Should be Wary of Email-Based Threats

The focus today is on the Indian corporate scenario. The HackerCombat research team, ever on the go, has been analyzing the current cybersecurity landscape in India, with special focus on…

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The 5-Key Steps to Avoid Malware 

The virtual world, where people live online is marred by privacy violation, and how we hear the stories of scams and hacking almost every day. These kinds of issues are…

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Google Blocks YouTube Account linked to Iran

In a recent statement Google said that it has disabled 39 YouTube Channels associated with Iranian state broadcaster, which is running a political campaign to influence its viewers. Google said…

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Cyber Threats & Misinformation Happens During US Midterm Elections

Accusations about impending foreign intervention of the U.S. midterm elections are in the air, with President Trump and his administration at the receiving end of complaints for allegedly being negligent…

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