Top 5 Monitoring Tools Every System Administrators Should Know

System administrators are tasked with monitoring software network / server that runs the backbone of any business today. They have to be alert with the activities on the system and…

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Firewall Review: A Deep Dive With Diverse Types Of Firewall

A software firewall used to be a unique feature for a device that only advanced users install to their personal computers, but now all operating systems come with one by…

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The 9 Cybersecurity Practices All Firms Should Follow in 2019

This new year, organizations and their employees from the CEO to the humble clerk, as well as individual computer users need to understand that everyone are each others keeper when…

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How To Use Network Segmentation for Enhanced Network Defense

Cybersecurity and network defense are the most discussed topics in 2018. While you can use traditional methods, having some network server monitoring software will help save your business time and…

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System Security And System Administration Reminders For The New Year

System administration is a very complicated job, if not one of the most complicated in the world. People dealing with computers and networks for a living come with a of…

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Ten Best Network Scanning Tools for Network Security

Network security, in today’s world, needs no introduction or explanation. We all know that the term network security refers to the securing of any computer network, aiming to prevent anyone…

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Huawei a Threat to Australia’s Infrastructure, Says Spy Chief

Australia’s spy chief says that China’s Huawei could pose a great security threat to the country’s infrastructure, especially the water supply and electricity grid. The Guardian reports, “Australia’s spy chief…

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Vulnerability Scanners 101

Vulnerability scanning is not rocket science; anyone with the time in their hands to search for a software vulnerability scanner can find one in mere seconds. With the way the…

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The Spanish Cybersecurity Strategy is Lacking — Civil Guard

Spain’s Civil Guard group has consulted with the Spanish Congress, as the country’s readiness when it comes to cybersecurity. A formal warning from Spain’s security forces has been communicated to…

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DDoS Attacks Hit Games Like Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XIV

Cybercriminals have unleashed a set of DDoS attacks on some prominent gaming companies, including the creators Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XIV. SC Media reports, “A set of DDoS attacks…

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