Cybercrime Evolution: 2017 is for Ransomware, while 2018 is for Cryptojacking Malware

The growth of Bitcoin and its derivative cryptocurrencies have expanded people’s point-of-view on what it really is, a new representation of real-world money. We used to associate money to currency,…

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Banking Trojan Made in Brazil? A Brief Look

For decades, malware, especially those that can be considered as ‘weaponized’ have been proven developed by state-actors. State-actors are country-hired hackers, with the purpose of developing weaponized software in order…

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Google’s Practical Action Against Malware and Its Authors

Android has grown from a minority player in the mobile operating system market of 2008, a world dominated by Research-in-Motion’s Blackberry and Microsoft Windows mobile. With 1 billion unique Android…

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Sophos: Cybercrime is a For-Profit Undertaking, Just Like Any Typical “Business”

The real world is a jungle; it is really is still the survival of the fittest even after hundreds of thousands of years ago when our common ancestors walked the…

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Take a Look at L0rdix, The Super Malware Toolkit of 2018

Hacking tools have been available for public download and consumption for many decades. Many of which are open source in nature, does not cost users a dime and can be…

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4 Effective Ways on How to Prevent Cryptocurrency Mining Infection

Today, there are two tried and tested ways for cybercriminals to effectively earn a lot of income. The first one is what we are very familiar with, due to its…

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FlawedAmmy, the Only RAT in CheckPoint’s Global Threat Index 2018 List

2017 was a year of ransomware, primarily the WannaCry malware that made $4 billion in profits from the ransom payments of its poor victims globally. This year is a bit…

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12 Warning Signs That Help Identify Malware Infection

Gone are the days when installing an antivirus would give you ample protection against viruses and malware. Cybercriminals today have turned so sophisticated that they now come up with all…

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South Korean Hackers Arrested for Infecting Cryto Mining Malware

The South Korean hackers’ were arrested for injecting malware in the computer of over 6,000 people. The Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau and local police have joined efforts to…

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VirusTotal and USCyberCom Join Forces To Identify Malware

For fourteen years, since June 2004, VirusTotal has served the public’s interest of combating malware, by its online scanning system that aggregates many antivirus engines from the big majority of…

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