Will Russia Intervene With The 2019 Israeli Legislative Elections?

In less than four months, the Israel Legislative election will be held and the incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is expecting the nation to hold an honest election come April…

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Use Of Internet Explorer Heavily Discouraged. Major Flaw Discovered

Internet Explorer, the former king of desktop browsers fell from grace, replaced by the new king, Google Chrome. According to Netmarketshare.com, Internet Explorer on the average for 2018 is used…

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The 3 Sectors Most Prone to Cyber Attacks

Just like regular crime, cybercrime follows a simple agenda: to reach its goal. If money, fame or influence is the goal, it will always go back to the central purpose…

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Online Security ETF surged by a wave of Cyber Attack

There was attack this weekend and it lead to gaining on speculation on Monday. Companies such as FireEye Inc. provides services for software security. The estimation was made that this…

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New restrictive Data Security Law this week in China

Cyber Security Law (CSL) might make foreign companies to do business in China. This has come into the notice after the argument of foreign companies who are seeing an opportunity…

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UK downs the security level from ‘critical’ to ‘severe’

Prime Minister Theresa May announced that UK has lowered its security threat level. They have done it from “critical” to “severe”. According to the report of Reuters, police hunted the…

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The Ransomware Attack sends Cyber Security stocks soaring

The latest global “ransomware” has disrupted hospitals, factories, and schools. It has given an incentive to the European investors on Monday to buy those stocks that were most likely to…

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