Someone Claiming to Sell Mass Printer Hacking Service

This may sound unbelievable…and scary as well- hackers being able to manipulate all internet-facing printers to print whatever they would want to print! Less than a week ago tens of…

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More Malvertising Attacks Vs iOS Devices, Due to Limited Adblocking Options

Apple’s iOS platform has been touted as a better mobile OS than Android in the standpoint of security. However, contrary to the loyal followers of Apple, their hardware and their…

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How Google Engineers Protect Politicians during the Election

As reported in the business insider. In the past few years, there has been an increase in targeted hijacking towards the online accounts of politicians and other high-profile figures. In…

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Criminals Hijacked Records of 75 000 Users from Healthcare.Gov

The service has been hacked by an obscure group of cybercriminals. This was declared via an official post on the site and furthermore gives data about the way that…

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Crypto-Mining Malware is Catching Up

According to Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact index, nearly 23 percent of organizations across the world is affected by the Coinhive – the Crypto-mining malware that drains CPU power…

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DNS-Hijacking Malware Bypasses Antivirus and Infects Apple MacOS

Here’s a bit of a bad news for Mac users; there are reports about fresh malware that has successfully bypassed antivirus software and infected Mac OS. This malware, it’s reported,…

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