Hacking Group Uses Chrome Extension, Targets Academic Sector

A hacking group, suspected to be from North Korea, uses a Google Chrome extension to target victims in the academic sector. ZDNet reports, “In what appears to be a first…

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Someone Claiming to Sell Mass Printer Hacking Service

This may sound unbelievable…and scary as well- hackers being able to manipulate all internet-facing printers to print whatever they would want to print! Less than a week ago tens of…

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Northern Ireland Identified As The Top Hacking Part of the UK

With Black Friday hours away, and according to a new report that shone the spotlight on the most at-risk areas of the work, UK tops as the hacking favorite for…

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Take a Look at L0rdix, The Super Malware Toolkit of 2018

Hacking tools have been available for public download and consumption for many decades. Many of which are open source in nature, does not cost users a dime and can be…

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Google, Target Hit by Twitter Bitcoin Scam Account Hacks

Google and Target, the U.S retail giant, were hit recently by the ongoing Twitter bitcoin scam account hacks. It was seen that the official Twitter accounts of Google and Target carried posts…

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Pwn2Own 2018 Tokyo, Japan Edition: $325,000 Reward Money Earned by WhiteHat Hackers

What we can consider as the Olympics-of-White-Hat-Hackers, Pwn2Own hacker competition hosted by TrendMicro in Tokyo, Japan, has given away $325,000 in rewards for the group of hackers for this year’s…

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Premier Media Conglomerate of Malaysia, Falls for Ransomware Infection

Malaysia’s premier media conglomerate, Media Prima Berhad has been the latest victim of a nasty ransomware. The ransomware authors are demanding for US$6.3 million worth of Bitcoins in order to…

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India, a Favorite Target of Global Cyberattacks

F-Secure, a mainstream antivirus vendor based in Finland has reported that India is a favorite target of cyber attacks originating from Germany, China, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States,…

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A Careful Look on FastCash, the New Cash Cow of Lazarus Hacking Group

The North Korean elite hacker team Lazarus has been wreaking havoc to many Automated Teller Machines located in Africa and Asia for the last two years. Dubbed the FastCash attacks,…

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Criminals Hijacked Records of 75 000 Users from Healthcare.Gov

The HealthCare.gov service has been hacked by an obscure group of cybercriminals. This was declared via an official post on the site and furthermore gives data about the way that…

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