MagBO Black Market Hacking Site, Caught Selling 3,000 Website Login Credentials

Flashpoint, a cyber threat research firm has exposed MagBO as a black market site that is used as a central source for unauthorized access to 3,000 hacked websites. The new…

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More Russian Hacking in Waiting

This is the era of fake news and misinformation, so how can election hacking be left out. Remember the file picture of a silhouette man walking away past the Microsoft logo in…

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Google Blocks YouTube Account linked to Iran

In a recent statement Google said that it has disabled 39 YouTube Channels associated with Iranian state broadcaster, which is running a political campaign to influence its viewers. Google said…

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Instagram Hit By Widespread Hack And Users Locked Out

A widespread hacking campaign that hit Instagram has affected hundreds of users, locking them out of their accounts. First spotted by Mashable, the hacking campaign seems to stem from Russia…

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Taiwan’s Elections On High Alert In The Wake Of Political Hack

The Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan (DPP) has reason to be suspicious about the involvement of mainland China, headed by Xi Jinping, in a recent hacking incident on their website on…

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Cyber Attacks Against Colleges Increasing

Recent statistics seem to suggest that cyber attacks happening against the colleges are on the rise, with colleges on an average being hit as many as 12 times a week….

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GDPR Phishing Scam That Targets Apple Accounts and Steals Data

Here’s news about a phishing campaign that was targeting Apple users and taking advantage of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies set to go into effect on May…

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Chili’s customers’ payment information compromised

Brinker International, the parent company of Chili’s Grill & Bar, announced a recent data incident this weekend. The restaurant fears that their customer the hacker may have compromised some customers’…

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Secure Your Twitter Account and Protect it From Being Hacked

After the Facebook data scandal, people have turned very cautious as regards protecting their personal data online. Twitter, it should be remembered, was also named as one of the companies…

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How to Protect Your Home Routers From Being Targeted

Today, even state-sponsored cyber criminals are targeting home routers in a bid to gain control over a network and even use them to carry out further attacks. Quite recently, there…

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