Chromecasts Under Attack From Hackers to promote PewDiePie

Two hackers have teamed up with Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and forcing TVs to display a message asking people to subscribe to his YouTube channel. The hack uses the router setting…

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Twitter’s Mobile Phone Integration Is Insecure

For at least a decade now, most hackers moved-on from the desire of having a 15-minute fame for defacing/vandalizing websites and creating a non-destructive virus in order to pull a…

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The Biggest Malware Threats To Businesses in 2019

Trends in malware in 2019 and bad actors are increasing their portions of life and commerce to an electronic medium. We are going to see how the digital domain itself…

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Law Enforcement Shut Down DDoS Services Ahead of Christmas

Law enforcement has launched pre-emptive strikes on DDoS services keeping in mind the Christmas holiday season. Reports say that law enforcement from different countries has shut down DDoS booters in…

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European Union’s COREU Network Hacked, Confidential Diplomatic Cables Stolen

Area 1 Security has publicly disclosed that cyber attacks against European Union’s diplomatic cables are happening for quite a while, allegedly by Chinese hackers who targeted the COREU network. A…

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Printers Hacked Again by PewDiePie Supporters

Hackers used their abilities to control printers as a way to increase the subscriber count of YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg. For quite some months PewDiePie was competing with Bollywood YouTube…

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Hackers Enslaving More and More Smart Home Networks

The name given to smart home devices may actually be a misnomer given the findings of Netscout, a security research firm. According to the researchers, hackers are increasingly using the…

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Microsoft Wants AI to Predict Which PC Gets Hacked Next

With over a billion machines operating on Windows, a testament to Microsoft’s near monopoly as the OS market, it’s no surprise that the software giant’s product has become the favorite…

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Hackers Physically Connecting Malicious Devices to Networks

Imagine that you are trying to find the source of an attack. What would you be looking for? You’d obviously try to find a malicious email, with a malware-laden attachment…

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Flaw in GDPR-Themed WordPress Plugin Used to Hijack Websites

A security flaw in a GDPR-themed WordPress plugin has been used by hackers to hijack websites, as per reports. A blog post by Defiant, a company that focuses on WordPress…

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