Facebook’s New Dilemma, Silently Patched

Facebook has silently patched a vulnerability very recently that enabled 3rd party sites to extract user information without seeking the consent of individual users first. The aggregate data extraction includes…

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Massive Crackdown Against Fake Accounts: Facebook Deleted 1.5 Billion Accounts

The social media giant, Facebook has heightened its fight against pretenders and fake accounts in its pursue its commitment with the government. They have released an official report, summarizing their…

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Cambridge-Analytica Fiasco Aftermath: Facebook to pay $645,000 Fine under UK Law

The fallout against Facebook has started, caused by the user data exposure breach due to its Cambridge-Analytica fiasco, starting with the UK’s ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). ICO has slapped the…

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Workplace by Facebook to Support Multi-Company Chats, Video Calls

Workplace by Facebook and the messaging app Work Chat would now be supporting multi-company chats, video calls etc. VentureBeat reports, “Facebook today announced that its Workplace by Facebook and messaging…

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Facebook Logins Available on the Dark Web for $2.60

We saw one of the worst security breaches when the accounts of approximately 50 million Facebook users were compromised. According to the Independent, those details have begun appearing on the…

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Two-Factor Authentication Controversy Facing Facebook, User Mobile Numbers Used for Ads

Two-factor authentication has been a near silver-bullet that prevents phishing attacks and online account thefts. It is very effective, as it provides the user a virtual “second password”, which disables…

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WhatsApp’s Founder Accused Facebook of “Sold My Users’ Privacy”

Brian Acton, a well-known personality as a WhatsApp’s co-founder has accused Facebook of mishandling the WhatsApp’s user data, described it as “(Facebook) sold my user’s privacy.” Mr. Acton made a…

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Facebook to Expand Security Tools to Protect Election Campaigns

Facebook introduces some additional security tools which could help protect political campaigns, candidates and their campaign staff as well from being targeted by hackers and foreign adversaries. On 17th September,…

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How to Read Others’ Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing

Facebook is today an integral part of our day-to-day life; millions of people across the world use Facebook daily and it has redefined communication to a great extent. It also…

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How Did This Chrome Bug Expose User Facebook Details?

The new release of browser Chrome 68 from Google marks all non-HTTPS website as Not Secure, thus cautioning the user that they are on the website at their own risk. The original article…

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