Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Hacked, Many Sites Hit

Thousands of websites were impacted when Daniel’s Hosting, the prominent Dark Web hosting provider was hacked recently. As per reports, Daniel’s Hosting was hacked this week and taken offline, which…

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Top 10 Deep Web Search Engines of 2017

When we have to search something on the Internet, our mind by default goes to Google or Bing. Obviously, our mind is tuned that way, and we get the results…

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Facebook Logins Available on the Dark Web for $2.60

We saw one of the worst security breaches when the accounts of approximately 50 million Facebook users were compromised. According to the Independent, those details have begun appearing on the…

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The 6 Pricing Trends on Dark Web

This article as sourced from Dark Reading, where the author quotes on how the Dark Web grows more profitable every day for cybercriminals. According to Armor, this is especially true…

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No Takers for Zero-Day Vulnerabilities on the Dark Web

According to experts vulnerability sales have been all but driven off the dark web, which now operates in the open. For years the secretive market for zero-day exploits thrived in…

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The Dark Web is Coming to Your Mobile Phone

Deep web and privacy enthusiasts have a lot to rejoice for as the Tor Project has announced that their popular Tor Browser is now available for Android. Members of the…

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Data Breach Affects iPhone Spyware-Maker, Millions of Users Affected

iPhone spyware-maker mSpy has reportedly suffered a data breach, which has impacted millions of its users. It has been reported that sensitive personal information belonging to the users has thus…

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Cyber Criminals are selling Hacking Tools on the Dark Web

It was found that cybercriminals have a place to dispose of their theft, and it is on the dark web market. There are different hacking tools that find their way…

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7 Tips on How Firms can Prevent Successful RDP Backdoor Attacks

Mcafee a few weeks ago has made a shocking expose about Remote Desktop user accounts being sold online at cheap prices, more particularly in the Dark Web. RDP is a…

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Khronos yesterday, Osiris today – the evolution of a Bank Trojan

Proofpoint, a cybersecurity firm has announced in their study that Japan, Poland, and Germany banks are in the crosshairs of a new variant of the Kronos bank trojan. Kronos was…

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