Year-in-Review: Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

In less than 30 days, 2018 will end, and what an action-packed year it was in the sector of cybersecurity. But before we entertain any security predictions for 2019, we…

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New Ransomware Strain in China Infects Over 20,000 PCs

A new ransomware strain has infected and disrupted the functioning of more than 20,000 PCs in China, as per reports. ZDNet reports, “Over 20,000 Chinese users have had their Windows…

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Extortion Scams in Australia is Growing: Tips To Remain Safe Issued by ACCC

Virus infection, ransomware, phishing or cryptojacking malware are not the only techniques that cybercriminals used to earn money from their victims, a classic case of crimes works too. One such…

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Someone Claiming to Sell Mass Printer Hacking Service

This may sound unbelievable…and scary as well- hackers being able to manipulate all internet-facing printers to print whatever they would want to print! Less than a week ago tens of…

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Securing Internet-of-Things Is Not Rocket Science

In our current year 2018, we have witnessed the smartphone and tablet markets both plateauing. It is fairly difficult for a typical mobile device manufacturer to continue increasing their sales…

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Singapore, One of the Top Countries With Least the Cybersecurity Risk

Singapore is above average when it comes to the risks of being targeted by cyber attacks, that is the disclosure published in the recently released cyberexposureindex survey, as it measures…

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Crypto Mining Malware Infects Make-A-Wish-Foundation Website

Cyber criminals seem to have reached a new low, as they have targeted the site of one of the most popular children’s foundations in the world and infected it with…

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Ransomware Remediation for Comprehensive Protection

Ransomware attacks have become very common these days; organizations big and small, as well as individuals, are getting targeted. Cybercriminals are doing brisk business and making big money out of…

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Discussing ATM Hacks and the Different Kinds of ATM Attacks

ATM security is, in fact, a delicate area. There are experts who opine that almost all ATMs today are vulnerable to software-based cyberattacks and give up customer data to cybercriminals,…

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FlawedAmmy, the Only RAT in CheckPoint’s Global Threat Index 2018 List

2017 was a year of ransomware, primarily the WannaCry malware that made $4 billion in profits from the ransom payments of its poor victims globally. This year is a bit…

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