Bulk Stolen User Information, Sold At A Bargain in the Deep Web

Personal information for sale? A lot of those ‘merchandise’ are available in the Deep web today. The deep web is the part of the Internet that is not indexed by…

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The Art of Car Hacking, Demonstrated by Toyota Itself

The practice of counter-hacking is very important for companies today, as they spend for research and development, funding for ways to be a step ahead from the hackers will help…

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Google+ Flaw Hits 52.5M Users, Service to Shut Down Early

A new Google+ bug that has probably hit the accounts of about 52.5 million users has made Google think of shutting down the service earlier than scheduled. Google had announced…

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London Blue Cybergang List 50,000 execs for Phishing Attacks

As reported by SC Magazine, a U.K./Nigerian cybergang has accumulated a list of more than 50,000 corporate executives to be targeted in future phishing campaigns. According to Agari’s London Blue…

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Stealing Data from Infected Computer’s Blinking LED

This may sound strange, and to an extent startling as well. A hacker could steal data from your system (which would already have a malware in it) by just sending…

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Australia’s Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals, Highlighted by the Government

The Cybersecurity-related profession is a very dynamic, too dynamic in fact that many in the industry are not formally educated to become a future member of the sector. The reality…

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Singapore, One of the Top Countries With Least the Cybersecurity Risk

Singapore is above average when it comes to the risks of being targeted by cyber attacks, that is the disclosure published in the recently released cyberexposureindex survey, as it measures…

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45% of New Zealand-based Companies At Risks, Not Ready for CyberSecurity Challenges

HP New Zealand IT Security has publicly revealed that 45% of New Zealand’s companies are not ready to face the security challenges, as they are using ineffective endpoint protection software,…

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Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce, Favorite Whipping Boy of Phishers

Phishing attacks anchor itself by its two strong instruments: Pretending to be from a popular brand The clever presentation making its message believable Without these two aspects, phishing attempts will…

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Defense Shipbuilder Austal Suffers Cybersecurity Breach

Austal, the Defense shipbuilder based in Western Australia has been hit with a data breach and extortion attempt. The Guardian reports, “Defence shipbuilder Austal’s Australian business has been hit with…

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