Cyber security should be a Proactive affair

A few organizations depend on a responsive way to deal with cybersecurity. This method is not advised, and why it is like that, here’s the reason. In detailing a cybersecurity…

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Expert Warns that Hacked Satellite Systems Could be Used to Launch Microwave-Like Attacks

A cybersecurity researcher has pointed out, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, that if hackers lay hands on the satellite systems used by ships, planes etc, they could…

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Cybersecurity threats and Cyber Misinformation in the air for the U.S. Midterm Elections

Accusations about impending foreign intervention of the U.S. midterm elections are in the air, with President Trump and his administration at the receiving end of complaints for allegedly being negligent…

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SingHealth Cyberattack Allegedly the Work of Sophisticated APT Group

The SingHealth cyberattack, which resulted in personal data of about 1.5 million patients getting stolen from SingHealth’s IT database, was the work of a sophisticated APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group,…

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What Happens When Russia Uses A Basic Phishing Scam On The U.S.?

U.S. officials reveal Russian hackers used the most conventional phishing tools while targeting hundreds of U.S. utilities in 2017. These scamming tools tricked hundreds of staffers into revealing passwords with…

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Why Hospitals Are Ponying Up Big Cash To Victimized Patients

A recent malware-based cyberattack on Community Health Systems, which operates Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham and 10 other facilities statewide, has allowed hackers to access the private data of over 4.5 million…

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How Is The British Government Revamping Its Take On Cybersecurity?

The U.K.’s government has recently come up with a new plan regarding the implementation of the 2016-2021 National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS). Described as a “consultation on creating the environment…

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What Will Be The Next Big Disruption To The World Of Firewall Security?

When it comes to protecting networks and infrastructure, a traditional firewall is still considered to be the best cybersecurity shield for organizations. Over the past 30 years, firewalls have developed stateful…

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This Is The Sneaky Way Macro-Based Malware Installs Backdoors

Cybersecurity researchers have detected an unusual breed of malware that modifies shortcut files on desktops to secretly download backdoor programs. I a recent blog past, Loseway Lu, a researcher at Trend…

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How Can Vietnam’s New Cybersecurity Law Ensure Safety For All?

The new Cyber Security Law that Vietnam has adopted, and which will come into effect on January 1, 2019, seeks to ensure safe cyber activities for all citizens. The new…

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