New alliance to bring FireEye & Gigamon’s security firepower together

FireEye and Gigamon are fortifying their security capability for joint customers through a worldwide organization to enhance security adequacy and effectiveness. The two organizations shaped a vital strategy based on providing…

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN Provider

Tech giant Apple has updated its App Store privacy guidelines. The company now restricts app developers to collect and harvest data from the devices they were installed to. One of…

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Corporate Cyber Security at risk due to poor password practices

A recent survey found that a one-fourth of the workers reuse a similar password for all the online records, putting corporate cybersecurity in danger and asking for better training. What is more…

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The reason why Hackers have it easy with Cloud Security will surprise you.

You would imagine that the protection of customer passwords and different credentials is the job description for IT experts, yet as we all know from reports of data breaches, how…

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How Facebook Links Physical Security to Cyber Security

It’s a comprehensive approach that Facebook adopts when it comes to securing data. Rather than just focus on security as something that’s mere tech, Facebook prefers to integrate physical security…

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North Korea Denies Allegations of Hacking U.N. Sanctions Database

North Korea has denied all allegations that the U.S has reportedly made about Pyongyang hacking the U.N. sanctions database. Time Magazine reports- “North Korea on Wednesday dismissed as “nonsense” what…

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Many Organizations Lack Plan to Respond to Incidents: Study Report

This is crucial information as regards cyber security! Many organizations today lack a plan to respond to cyber security incidents, as per a recent study. “The 2018 Cyber Resilient Organization”…

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Malware Attack Would Increase in 2018, Says Report

According to a recent research report, malware attacks would be on the rise in 2018. It’s the 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report that comes up with this inference, among many other…

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2017 Saw Software Vulnerabilities Increase by 31 Percent

Reports say that there has been a 31 percent increase in the number of software vulnerabilities in 2017 compared to 2016 and also that one-third of these have public exploits…

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Crypto-Miners Attack Thousands of Government Websites

More than 4000 government websites across the world has been attacked yet again, and this time again it’s the new player Cryptocurrency. The strain of malicious malware has made its way, as…

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