Mindbody’s FitMetrix leaked millions of Users’ Personal Details

FitMetrix the performance tracking company owned by Mindbody- exposed millions of user data due to two unprotected servers. According to TechCrunch, Cybersecurity group Hacken.io discovered the leak when they found…

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Old-School Malware Tricks Still Work

“The oldest trick in the book is pulling the head off a dead goose and then restoring it” — Daniel Radcliffe. This is true today, especially on the issue of…

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Western Australia State Government Departments Suffer Massive Hacks

Western Australia state government departments have of late been suffering massive cyberattacks, one after the other. The Sydney Morning Herald reports, “The state government has faced a massive onslaught of…

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New Zealand’s Future in The Age of Cyber Attacks

In a burst of honesty, the New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau’s (GCSB) Director-General Andrew Hampton has revealed that New Zealand will be the next target of a massive cyber…

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North Korean Hackers Swindles over $1 billion

The North Korean government uses a shadowy network of cyberactors to conduct financial crimes on behalf of Kim Jong Un’s regime that have attempted to steal over $1.1 billion in…

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Indian Corporates Should be Wary of Email-Based Threats

The focus today is on the Indian corporate scenario. The HackerCombat research team, ever on the go, has been analyzing the current cybersecurity landscape in India, with special focus on…

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Corporate Legacy Systems in the Face of Today’s Cybersecurity Dilemma

Companies today are very aware of malware, and they accept that a wrong mistake in their cybersecurity preparations can spell an end to their businesses. There is a school of…

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Anti-Malware Apps Found Stealing Browser Data Removed By Apple

Apps from a well-known cyber-security firm were brought down from the Mac app store by Apple after they were found to send out users’ browser histories. Many anti-malware applications made…

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Cloud Services, Used as Hosts for DDoS Attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) continues to wreak havoc in various companies, services, and systems worldwide. It becomes more intense as the botnet creation, maintenance becomes cheaper through the…

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Hacking Attacks Against Australian Universities; Foreign Involvement Likely

Seems like hackers have taken a special liking for Australian universities; they seem to be bombarding them in an endeavor to rob them of valuable research data. Experts feel that…

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