VEP still skeptical about Federal Vulnerability

Federal vulnerabilities are still in question. The new VEP charter takes the initiative to address the flaw and put them on review for the better of all. Experts said the…

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How to Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

Credit card breach and the latest in the long list of the victims has been the Clothing retailer Forever 21. The company has come to know that their data from…

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It Should be Cybersecurity and not IT security

The Cyber Security Summit organized by the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) insisted how India should move from IT security to Cyber Security. The speaker raised his concern and asked…

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How Not to Get Hacked!

Let’s do away with the usual introduction about hacking. Today almost anyone who uses the internet is familiar with the word ‘hacking’ and knows that in today’s scenario, anyone could…

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HackerCombat Special: Security Experts on the LockCrypt Ransomware

We at HackerCombat keep an eye on all discussions that happen, as regards hacking and cyber security. We follow the experts and their blogs/websites. We keep an eye on what’s…

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Blockchain Technology to Protect E-commerce business data

As we know how Equifax is still under the impact of the massive cybersecurity breach on its computers, and as it reels under this breach, lest not forget this attack…

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Healthcare Industry and Cyber Breaches

Guess what happens one day that a busy hospital stops functioning. All the data related to the patient and treatment details seize to work. There is no output, and they…

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New Malware Attack Targeting Ukraine and Other European Countries

Malware Attacks now seem to be happening on a regular basis, so regularly that a malware strike is not even considered news by many… Here’s news, if at all it…

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Musgrave Group hit by a Cyber Attack

Musgrave, the Irish retail group is the latest victim of the recent cyber-attack. The group has confirmed that it was subject to attack, which has impacted its Centra, SuperValu and…

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PornHub Users Attacked with Advertising Malware in a Year-Long Attack

Millions of PornHub users have been infected with advertising malware by cyber crooks ‘in a year-long attack’. Reports say that the attack, using the Kotver malware, could have been used…

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