Sophos: Cybercrime is a For-Profit Undertaking, Just Like Any Typical “Business”

The real world is a jungle; it is really is still the survival of the fittest even after hundreds of thousands of years ago when our common ancestors walked the…

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Cyber Criminal’s Effective Human-Scale Methods

As we use publicly accessible services, whether it is an airline, a bank, or a government transaction – we are at the mercy of their data handling procedures and protocols….

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Migrate to Tor Browser 8.0, Version 7.x Has Zero-Day Exploit

TOR, also known as the Onion router has been the go-to method for the privacy-savvy people to browse the web with confidence, as TOR traffic hides people’s identity. However, browsing…

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Are Cybercriminals Winning? The Tale of Cyber Attacks Against the Financial Sector

Malware authors and cybercriminals of today are after profit at the expense of legitimate businesses and individuals. A cyber attack is very different from a physical theft, as the damage…

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5 Mobile Security Threats That You Should Be Cautious of in 2018

Mobile Security is now an integral part of enterprise security. Mobile malware has become a thing to reckon with for individuals as well as for enterprises big and small. With…

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Hacking That Targets Websites to Mint Crypto-Cash

Here’s another piece of startling news from the world of hacking and hackers. Hackers are now installing malicious codes on websites of schools and charities, plus file-sharing websites to generate…

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Cheap, Nasty FormBook Malware Used for Data Stealing Campaign

Hackers are now using a cheap, nasty malware- the FormBook malware- to carry out a series of campaigns targeting defense, aerospace and manufacturing contractors in the US and South Korea,…

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Student Behind Shropshire Cyber Attack To Be Sentenced

Jack Chappell, the student who was behind the Shropshire cyber attack, is all set to be sentenced for world-wide offenses. Jack Chappell, the teenager student from Stockport, has reportedly admitted…

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Malware Developers Tricked Operators to do the Dirty Work

Wannabe cyber criminals are now able to easily procure malware from the dark web marketplaces. It has become quite easy nowadays. And cyber criminals don’t seem to need the technical…

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