11 Signs That We May Be Nearing Another Global Financial Crisis

There have not been so many signs of problems for the global economy in a long time. Analysts sound the alarm about junk bonds; smart money is coming out of…

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Fileless Ransomware: The Next Big Threat For The US In The Waiting

According to a new Malwarebytes report, and the article cited in Tech Target Network, a new kind of ransomware, which will be completely fileless, called Sorebrect, is “one of the first…

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Holiday Season: Cybercriminals are Phishing All The Way Part 2

Last month, November 26, 2018, we published here in Hackercombat the story about cybercriminals phishing all the way, while their potential victims are making a lot of shopping online in…

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Insurance vs Cyber Attacks: A Conundrum for SMEs

Of all the sectors of the business community, the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) are the most vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks, malware infestation, phishing and security breaches….

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Russia Plans To tighten Data Protection Owing To Intelligence Leaks

Aimed at preventing leaks of personal information from state agencies, Russia has drawn up a bill, a move that follows publication of details of Russians allegedly involved in covert intelligence…

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The 3 Sectors Most Prone to Cyber Attacks

Just like regular crime, cybercrime follows a simple agenda: to reach its goal. If money, fame or influence is the goal, it will always go back to the central purpose…

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Cathay Pacific In Hot Water: Data Breach Started March 2018, Not October 2018

There are more horrible things than meets the eye with the October 2018 data breach of Cathay Pacific Airways, the airline confessed after a month of deeper investigation. The airline…

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Premier Media Conglomerate of Malaysia, Falls for Ransomware Infection

Malaysia’s premier media conglomerate, Media Prima Berhad has been the latest victim of a nasty ransomware. The ransomware authors are demanding for US$6.3 million worth of Bitcoins in order to…

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Artificial Intelligence as the Next Host of Cyber Attacks, a Cybersecurity Research Firm Revealed

Artificial Intelligence is still crude as of this time, but it has already become both a blessing and a curse to the world. Through AI, companies, large and small, for-profit…

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Be Ready for Intensified Cyber Attacks, Reserve Bank of Australia Warned

No other than Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) itself has issued a warning to individual users and companies about the current climate of high cybersecurity risk in the land down…

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