Extortion Scams in Australia is Growing: Tips To Remain Safe Issued by ACCC

Virus infection, ransomware, phishing or cryptojacking malware are not the only techniques that cybercriminals used to earn money from their victims, a classic case of crimes works too. One such…

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Cybercrime Evolution: 2017 is for Ransomware, while 2018 is for Cryptojacking Malware

The growth of Bitcoin and its derivative cryptocurrencies have expanded people’s point-of-view on what it really is, a new representation of real-world money. We used to associate money to currency,…

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Ramnit Banking Trojan, August 2018’s Top Malware

Banking Trojans are one of the most common malware these days, alongside ransomware and cryptojacking. And one of the most prolific of them all this year is named the Ramnit…

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Malware Uses Cryptojacking, Cryptomining With Ransomware

Ransomware has been a major headache over the recent years. Cybercriminals are currently re-looking at this malware family to concentrate on cryptomining and cryptojacking. Cryptocurrencies are still attracting criminals, regardless of the falling value, thus…

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Rocke, the New Monero Cryptojacking Malware on the Block

Cryptocurrency mining malware, also known as Cryptojacking has steadily stolen the spotlight from ransomware from last year. It is a form of malware with the goal of mining cryptocurrency for…

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Mimecast report: Email Social Engineering on an 80% Rise

Mimecast, a data security firm recently announced the result of their quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment report revealing an 80% increase of phishing, through the use of impersonation activities. In…

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Beware Of Cryptojacking Malware In Sideloading Android Apps

Security and privacy are the two foundations of Google’s persistence for promoting the use of their Play Store as the source for Android apps. Google checks apps published in the…

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One Out Of Every Three Businesses Admit To A Cryptojacking Infection

The ripe age has come that the cybercriminals are looking for new ways for more profitable undertakings. Their flagship, ransomware viruses have earned them millions of dollars, but they are…

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2018 Report: Ransomware’s Back And Cryptojacking Is Skyrocketing

Proofpoint published its Threat Report for the second quarter of 2018 with a very grim result. The report has been made as a product of analysis from the 5 billion…

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The Story Behind the Frying of an Egg on a Router

The Symantec Blackhat Conference for many years past features the awesome talent of many ethical hackers to display their wits and contribute to a safer computing world for everyone. But…

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