Cyber security and strategy

Cybersecurity is a practice that ensures that all the information, confidentiality and availability are intact and not compromised with. It depends on how you keep them safe and in case…

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2018 cybersecurity trends and predictions

The year 2017 was quite exciting as we came across several new things from Ransomware to IoT malware and more. Several industries found themselves gripped at the mercy of the…

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A Malware uses Facebook Messenger to Spread Cryptocurrency Miner

Cryptocurrency mining, malware is spreading at a fast rate, and this time the criminals are making use of Facebook Messenger to infect people as the message looks genuine from friend’s….

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MacOS Malware Steals Bank Account Logins & Intellectual Property

A new, invasive Mac malware, a new version of the OSX.Pirrit adware, has been discovered by security researchers. This variant of OSX.Pirrit, as per the security experts, helps hackers gain…

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Cisco introduces security app to prevent smartphone users

Cisco’s new iOS 11 will give comprehensive protection over network activity to prevent users getting attacked from Ransomware and malware. Cisco and Apple have come together to protect the iOS…

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5 Mobile Security Threats That You Should Be Cautious of in 2018

Mobile Security is now an integral part of enterprise security. Mobile malware has become a thing to reckon with for individuals as well as for enterprises big and small. With…

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The New Ransomware Spider

Spider is the new ransomware that is targeting the victims located in the Balkans in what is called a “mid-scale” campaign. The Spider ransomware is unique in that attackers are…

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Tackling Android Malware and Securing Your Android Device

Android malware is a big reality now; it’s increasingly becoming a part of our day to day existence. With Android devices getting immensely popular, security threats to Android devices too…

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The New iOS 11.1 Wi-Fi hacked again

Just when the Apple released 11.1 as a patch to address the crack in WiFi and other exploits, here comes the news that it has been hacked again. It was…

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Cheap, Nasty FormBook Malware Used for Data Stealing Campaign

Hackers are now using a cheap, nasty malware- the FormBook malware- to carry out a series of campaigns targeting defense, aerospace and manufacturing contractors in the US and South Korea,…

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