Web Security

Protect Your WordPress Website from SQL Injection

WordPress websites need to be protected against SQL injection threats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a widely used database language, a domain specific language that’s designed for managing data in…

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The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Website

Take your business to the next level in 2019, with the best WordPress plugins to? There are over 50k WordPress plugins to choose from, and the user has plenty to…

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Penetration Testing The Most Visible Component of Cyber Security

Amid all of the high-profile data breaches, of all sizes have been successfully targeted by hackers who employ a wide range of different strategies. Companies have had to learn about…

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The Best 10 Linux Distro for Penetration Testing

If you are working as a security professional and interested in this specific field of knowledge, you must be known these top 10 Linux distro that suits your purpose. Remember…

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Secure Web Gateway Mechanics Made Simple

What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)? For the perspective of a typical Joe or Jill of today’s computing, Secure Web Gateway is an alien name. However, it is simply…

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Simple Points To Consider To Secure Joomla

Since the web 2.0 development has become the common way to present a website to users these days, the manual programming of websites has been now old school. Most websites…

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Easy, 10-Step Malware Removal Plan for WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are very common now. The WordPress CMS is immensely popular and it’s easy to use as well, even for beginners. However, WordPress security is an area that many…

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Safe Computing Practices for Today’s 247 Internet Connected World

Cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone, as the weakest chain in the link is human-computer operators. Cybercriminals have an easy time to penetrate computer systems and networks if users remain…

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Google Announces the Shutting Down of Google+

Internet giant Google has announced the shutting down of Google+, which was launched seven years ago and which had seen its user base dwindling considerably in recent times. Xinhua reports,…

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Facebook Logins Available on the Dark Web for $2.60

We saw one of the worst security breaches when the accounts of approximately 50 million Facebook users were compromised. According to the Independent, those details have begun appearing on the…

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