Data Security

5 Fundamental Cybersecurity Issues With Email

Emails often contain confidential company information and personal information, so the damage due to an information leak is huge. Users need to be careful, as they may suffer damage from…

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How to Remove Virus from System

Computers getting infected with a virus or malware is now a common thing. But, with some careful moves, you can remove a virus, very effectively and very quickly as well….

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Achieving Improved Cybersecurity Posture Across IT & OT Infrastructure

Any time you go online, you open yourself up to the risk of being hacked. Whilst this is a rather unpleasant truth, it’s one we must recognize regardless in order…

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The Best Proxy Servers of 2019 and How To Stay Safe From Hackers

Did you notice that while browsing, you see some of the websites are blocked or not available for your IP address? Well, the only way to access these websites is…

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Computer Forensics A Brief Introduction

Computer forensics has turned highly relevant today as cybercriminals have started using all kinds of sophisticated strategies and techniques to target and attack organizations, networks and systems all across the…

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5 Suggestion To Facebook To Gain Users’ Confidence

According to security experts, Facebook has few things up the sleeves to regain the confidence of its users’. 1. Figure out how to fix the future Tech CEO always goes…

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Is It Possible To Have Email Security Without OpenPGP S-MIME

To receive email, it requires that a system is configured to reach the mail server and manually ask it for the delivery of stored emails (Post Office Protocol). However, since…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Data Encryption and its Relevance

Data Encryption Definition Defining data encryption is rather simple; it’s all about translating data into another form, basically codes in such a way that it can be accessed only by…

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Massive Data Breach Hit Caribou Coffee, All Customers Transacted From Aug 28 to Dec 3 Affected

Caribou Coffee, a U.S. based Coffeehouse chain with 603 branches has made a public disclosure that thousands of their customer records from at least 219 branches in Minnesota were affected…

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Ethical Hacking Key to Data Security

Ethical hackers have a very important role to play as regards data security; they make up the first line of defense against cybercrime. Thus, in the realm of cybersecurity, the…

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