Android Security

Simple Mitigation Tips For Securing Android E-Readers

Android e-readers are not taking any headlines when manufacturers are announcing their products. However, the e-ink based Android tablets are still selling like hotcakes, given it provides more flexibility than…

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iOS Version of Exodus Android Spyware Doing the Rounds

Security researchers have discovered a dangerous iOS spyware strain that was seen earlier this year on the official Google Play Store. Exodus is the name of the spyware and it…

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Google Duplex Assistant to Reach iPhones

It’s time to welcome the Google Duplex Assistant, which will soon be available on all iPhones and most Android phones as well… It was at Google’s I/O developer conference in…

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European Android Devices Google Is The Old Microsoft

The European Union has flexed its muscles again to combat anti-competitive behavior. This time around, it is Google that is in the receiving end of the order. The search giant…

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Antimalware Apps Recently, Google went out of their way to clean-up Google Play Store from apps pretending to be antimalware apps, but really just consuming resources of the Android device….

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Troublesome 1,500 Hotel Chains Inadvertently Leaking Customer Data

Symantec, a mainstream antimalware vendor has disclosed the result of their study that reveals that 67% of hotel websites experienced leaks with its respective booking systems. The leakage continues and…

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French Regulatory Commission Orders $50 M Fine Against Google

Google has been slapped by a 50-million Euro fine by CNIL (Commission Nationale de L’informatique et des Libertés), France’s Data Regulation Agency due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) violation….

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2018 Is A Better Year For Customer Data Privacy Due To GDPR

2018 can be summarized as the year when strict implementation of customer data protection policies was felt by the public, regardless of where they are located in the world. This…

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Canada is Imitating EU’s GDPR, New Policy Takes Effect On Nov 2018 (2)

Canada has apparently imitated European Union’s GDPR, that is the latest news from the country’s Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). Under the new policy, starting November 2018, all…

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All About Preventing DDoS Attack on Enterprise Networks

For any enterprise today, a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack could mean a real headache. Such an attack could throw out of gear all business activities and all operations…

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How Companies Fight DDoS Attacks?

The threat of DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attacks that send massive processing demands from multiple Internet-connected devices (be it a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or an IoT) to the target server…

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Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are the antecedent to DDoS attacks. Earlier, DoS attacks were the main source to disrupt computer systems on a network. It originates from a single machine and…

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On Mid 2019: No Facebook Messenger P2P Service For UK and France

Facebook, which has suffered the biggest ever outage in its history, is struggling to deal with it. The partial outage that affected some users of Facebook and other platforms owned…

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Why Disable SSDPUPnP In Today’s Home And Enterprises

When Did UPnP and SSDP Became Mainstream? Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) was considered revolutionary when it was introduced to Windows Millennium Edition nineteen years ago, in 2000. It was…

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Meanwhile, here is the best alternative to access the best Torrents that is a well-known and widely used and accessed by more than millions of visitors daily across the world….

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Why You Should Move to Cloud Computing

It’s worth it, cloud computing includes benefits and gives you the flexibility of connecting to your business from anywhere, any time. Increase operation efficiency and reduce IT spending. Read here…

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Key Things to Scale The Internet of Things

IoT success. The companies that succeed in transforming their operations and business models through IoT are those that will have weighed all the considerations, planned thoroughly, and implemented carefully. Related…

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Discussing basic data loss prevention steps. Data loss prevention can be done by doing certain basic things like installing a firewall and anti-virus software, ensuring proper backup of files and…

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All Security News

Prolific Hacker SandboxEscaper Demos Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit

Since 2015, Microsoft casually declared that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, as Redmond geared-up on making their operating system a software-as-a-service (SAAS). It will forever be marketed…

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The 10 Endpoint Security Products for Business

Large data breaches often occur when hackers successfully attack a device such as a computer, mobile device, or laptop. To solve this problem, companies can provide endpoint security protection that…

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Equifax’s Nightmare Continues, Credit Rating “Negative”

Since 2017, covered the data breach incident of Equifax and all its relevant angles. The latest was just last March 9, 2019, when the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Homeland…

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Fundamentals Of Making A Hacker Out Of You | Hacker combat

There is no academic background necessary to become a hacker, given that even the most popular hackers in our history, like Kevin Mitnick, were actually self-trained. However, anyone who wishes…

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The Future of Web Filtering in the Era of 5G Networks

Security professionals and network administrators today are concerned with securing fifth-generation (5G) networks from digital dangers. Of the different technologies that they use very effectively for safeguarding 5G networks, DNS…

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Essential Cybersecurity Tools for Business Organizations

Businesses today have become the prime target of cyberattacks of all kinds. This is because cybercriminals understand that targeting a business could get them huge amounts of data, both corporate…

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Mobile Browsers’ Google Safe Browsing Flaw In 2018 Revealed

Google Safe Browsing system has been implemented by the Google search engine for more than a decade now, designed to block known websites harboring malware or phishing attempts against visitors….

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A Brief Look At The Shade Ransomware (2019 variant)

2019 is shaping up as a year when ransomware infection frequency declined by orders of magnitude, compared to the year 2017 when such malware variant made headlines for causing trouble…

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Banking Trojan Infections Dominated In Q1 2019 - Hacker Combat

Kaspersky Lab, the research arm of Kaspersky, an antivirus vendor has revealed that the first quarter of 2019 saw the double growth of banking trojan cases globally compared to the…

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Android Users Spammed With Fake Missed Call Alerts

Scammers abuse the notifications and push APIs on Android devices to send spam alerts that are customized to look like a missed call. Both APIs are used on mobile devices…

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