A Beginner’s Guide to Vulnerabilities

What is a ‘vulnerability’? ‘Vulnerability’ is a very important term as regards cybersecurity; a vulnerability refers to a weakness in a computer system or software- an OS, a device, an…

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All About Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks have become so common today that almost every day each one of us gets phishing emails, that are either delivered directly to our inbox or filtered out and…

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The Difference Between Spam, Malware and Phishing

According to Sophos’s annual Internet Security Threat Report, phishing, malware attacks, and spam reports, are all on the rise across social networks. The analysis as follows: Malware A malware attack…

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Why Is Website Security Important?

Everyone who uses the Internet has come across this term Website security, but most of them wonder what exactly this is? Is it protecting the website or protecting the internet…

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Removing Malware from Windows PC

Be careful about the potential malware-infested computer: slower-than-normal performance, the current event of pop-ups, and other bizarre issues. It’s conceivable your system has been infested by a virus, spyware, or…

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WordPress Blog and How to Make it Private

Most of the website owners or content owners will want to keep the website freely viewable by visitors, but certain post, video or pictures you want to keep it to…

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How to Protect Your Website or Page with Password

Whether you are building a simple personal website or running a business, the way you build your site has a lot of consequences. There are many reasons to password protect…

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What are the Damages Caused by Malware

The harm caused by a virus or malware, which infects a home PC or a corporate system can be diverse – from an insignificant increase in traffic in your network…

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What is SSL?

SSL certificates today are very important, especially for website security and in general for overall online security. Even the ordinary internet user today looks for the HTTPS in the address…

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What is Malware?

Malware is (potentially) well written software, indistinguishable from any other piece of code, until if performs a malicious act. All malware starts its life by being unidentified as malware (i.e….

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