Changing nokia n8 t...

Changing nokia n8 to android OS  

briank rebs
Active Member

Is there any possible ways to turn up my nokia n8 mobile to android OS?

Posted : 13/03/2018 11:20 am
Larry B Wagner
New Member

You cannot do it because android and symbian are different os.

Posted : 13/03/2018 2:10 pm
Marissa W Matte
New Member

No, you can't install.

Posted : 15/03/2018 12:40 pm
Laura D
New Member

Its not possible since the OS are different from each other..

Posted : 21/03/2018 2:18 pm
Moore T
New Member

You gotta understand that both are different platform, so putting Android on something that is not meant for it will brick your phone make it literally useless.

Posted : 31/08/2018 8:53 am
Active Member

I don't think it is advisable, since the hardware are different you will have compatible issues. Personally, I would stay away and don't do it.

Posted : 03/09/2018 11:34 am
marlena compton
Active Member

Impossible since the only attempts was on N9 model. It's probably not an easy task to roll out Android on a Symbian hardware.

Posted : 27/12/2018 7:39 am
Active Member

Interesting question…I’ve never thought about this. Well, there is no point trying to convert a Nokia N8 mobile into an Android phone. The Nokia N8, as we all know, has Symbian as its operating system. Android is an entirely different operating system. Trying to put Android in a device that’s not meant for it would be of no use at all. There won’t be any kind of compatibility, or to put it simply, it just won’t work. Enjoy using your Nokia N8 or else get a new Android device, that’s all you could do….

Posted : 07/01/2019 11:06 am

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