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Latest Trends in Cybersecurity?  


Kenneth Andrade
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09/08/2018 9:13 am  

Anyone suggest me, what are the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Maybelle R C
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16/08/2018 7:19 pm  

Some of the current trends and future predictions:
1. AI-powered attacks
2. More sandbox-evading malware
3. Ransomware and IoT
4. Many companies will fail to comply with the GDPR
5. Emerging standards for multi-factor authentication
6. The adoption of more sophisticated security technologies
7. A rise of state-sponsored attacks

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20/08/2018 9:15 am  

Reign of Ransomware and in the last couple of years has become a major headline grabber

1.Big Breaches in Big Data and Malware in the Cloud.
2.Spam, Phishing, and Social Engineering.
3.IoT, DDoS, and Botnets.
4.AI The Next Line of Defense.
5.Cyber Warfare, Election Hacking, and Blockchain Legislation.


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