How do i protect my windows 7 laptop?  


Justin L
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12/02/2018 8:45 am  

Hi i want to protect my windows 7 laptop, i have so many importance files in it, can anyone suggest me on how could i protect my laptop?

Arlene M
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14/02/2018 10:29 am  

You can simply protect your laptop using security software. Robust Antivirus and Internet security really helps to secure your data information and computer from malicious attacks.

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15/02/2018 12:38 pm  

For malware related issue you can use antivirus software. For laptop theft related attack, you must encrypt your data inorder to avoid data loss.

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19/02/2018 1:11 pm  

Have a security code such as internet security or antivirus(or even both) to protect your laptop from external threats. Built-in security is not enough to stay protected, try to get an external support for better protection.

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21/02/2018 10:38 am  

Microsoft essential will protect your Windows 7 PC from malware attacks. If you need advanced protection against malware or any kinds of malware attacks you can choose advanced antivirus or Endpoint Security.


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