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[Closed] Tor Vs Vpn... Which one???  

Sinclair D
New Member

Which one is best Tor or vpn to secure your personal identity?

Posted : February 1, 2018 7:15 am
Jim tarner
Active Member

Tor is most obviously better for anonymous internet browsing. As well as regular browsing VPN is a much better choice and can also be used as an added layer of protection if you decide to connect to Tor.

Posted : February 2, 2018 6:27 pm
Downs N
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TOR vs VPN, a futile discussion that has been in existence since the last five to ten years. The two are different technologies but they are designed to fulfill the same purpose,.TOR and VPN are meant to provide anonymity to you and help you hide your data and location from any “middle-man” existing in the network you’re connected to.

Posted : February 5, 2018 7:17 pm
Irma W
New Member

TOR vs VPN, a futile discussion that has been in existence since the last five to ten years. The two are different technologies but they are designed to fulfill the same purpose,.TOR and VPN are meant to provide anonymity to you and help you hide your data and location from any “middle-man” existing in the network you’re connected to.

Posted : February 6, 2018 6:46 pm
Jessica L
New Member

With TOR No-one can trace you to external IPs visited but its Very slow – because your data is randomly bounced through a number of nodes, each of which could be anywhere in the world, using Tor can be painfully slow.
VPN is fast, Location spoofing is very easy and Ideal for P2P filesharing

Posted : February 7, 2018 12:52 pm
New Member

That's a great question, actually.

TOR is a free to use, anonymous browser which lets you delve into the deep and dark web (not the same thing, naturally).

Is TOR super safe? When handled correctly, yes (I like this thread).

Some would use a double layer of security - VPN + TOR or Proxy + TOR.

You can also opt for VPS + TOR; whichever works best for you.

But, as with anything else, you need to keep yourself safe - I'd go for an IP leak test anyhow to test if TOR is leaking my data or not, then do the same for the VPN of my choosing. 



Posted : March 19, 2018 12:24 pm
benjamin wittes
Active Member

TOR is good for anonymity because it bounces your data traffic across various nodes, hiding your real IP address in the process. However, your data remains vulnerable as TOR does not encrypt traffic and TOR exit nodes can also be used to track users' data.

VPN is good for anonymity as well as security. For example, I use PureVPN, and I have the option to use 256-bit of data encryption to completely encrypt my data before it is sent to the internet using a fake IP address and virtual data tunnels that are themselves hard to crack.

If you value security of your data and want to remain anonymous while you surf the internet, I will recommend that you get a PureVPN subscription straightaway.

Posted : April 18, 2018 4:15 pm
seth abramson
Active Member

Tor is good. It is free privacy solution. But main problems are low speed and 'bad' entry nodes.
Vpn in good also. But as usual they are paid, but stable.
But using VPN+Tor is better. It is a way to use Tor without Tor browser and protect yourself from bad entry nodes

Posted : April 30, 2018 8:22 pm
jack jones
Active Member

As you can see, the purpose of Tor is very similar to that VPN’s primary purpose – to maintain internet users’ online anonymity and to evade firewalls. Like VPN, it can also be used to spoof geo-location by the user continually re-connecting until the exit node is in the desired country (quite easy if you want a US based exit node, less easy for smaller or less internet connected countries).

Tor advantages

  • No-one can trace you to external IPs visited
  • Distributed network – almost impossible to shut down or attack in a meaningful way
  • Free

VPN advantages

  • Fast – generally speaking you will see very little slowdown to your raw internet connection speeds  when using a VPN services
  • Location spoofing is very easy – most VPN providers offer servers in many locations worldwide. Because connections are fast, VPN is ideal for streaming geo-restricted media content
  • Ideal for P2P filesharing –  while many providers prohibit it, many are set up with filesharing in mind
Posted : May 25, 2018 11:30 am
New Member

Well Tor VS VPN is undoubtedly a considerable debate to talk on. As we all know that Tor or "The Onion Router" uses layered approach and since volunteers are running tor, therefore, it is a freeware and can be run by anyone. Whatever you search on Google will be monitored because anybody can see unencrypted traffic, and control those layers. That is the reason that most of the website or streaming sites wont allow you to browse in when you use tor browser. Whereas, VPNs use a different approach that is they run on multiple data centers which around the world. You switch to your desired country server and browse whatever you want to wherever you want to. Since Tor had some shady history of accessing illegal websites and stuff, therefore it is discouraged to use.  But Tor can be used in a right way as well. You can read more here below: 

Tor vs VPN
Tor is the ultimate browser for those who want to leverage the utmost level of anonymity online. It is designed to encrypt and protect all sent/received data, with all traffic being routed through thousands of notes around the world. It has its own list of pros/cons, which include:

Tor Pros:
Free Browser – Cross-Platform Compatibility. Available on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux.
Global Network – It is impossible to trace one’s identity or perform a hacking attempt.
Complete Anonymity – Nobody can see your internal IP or trace you to external IPs visited.

Tor Cons:
Slow Speeds – Data passes through thousands of nodes across the world, hindering performance.
P2P/File Sharing Not Suitable – Slow speeds make downloading torrents incredibly painful.
Reveals the Usage of “Tor” – The browser does not hide the usage of tor in the eyes of websites.

VPNs are quite similar to the Tor Network, but it adopts a different protocol for encrypting internet traffic. Your information passes through a secure server that boasts strong ciphers for anonymity, hence allowing you to hide your identity and activity from ISPs and government agencies.

VPN Pros:
Faster Speeds – In comparison to Tor, VPNs offer fast speeds and overall performance.
Location Spoofing – Availability of different servers around the world allows for cloaking identity.
Ideal P2P/File Sharing – VPNs offer P2P-supported servers with Split Tunneling and SOCKS5 Proxy.
Unblocking Websites – Encrypting and location shifting allows for unblocking of geo-restricted sites.

VPN Cons:
Premium Services are Expensive – Most VPNs are not free and boast expensive monthly pricing.
Logging of Data – The law of many countries urges providers to keep records of user activity.

Source: Best VPN for Tor

Posted : June 25, 2018 3:06 pm
Jerry Kemp
Active Member

VPN and TOR work similar. Tor though is randomized your connection would be through some other onion server each time. Data from your pc to the TOR/VPN is secured. However, the exit from the VPN/TOR to cloud isn't and you would have to still rely on the SSL/HTTPS of the website you're accessing. UDP protocol is much faster than TCP because there is less overhead. it's used for things like audio/video. TCP gurantees your traffic is not corrupt, has data flow, acknowlegement packets etc. You can even lose your connection and resume your download. A UDP leak he probably meant DNS leak. This is because of a VPN that isn't doing the DNS queries on your behalf. Instead you use your ISP's dns and this reveals your identity and location. LIke I said before there is no way to trust fully some public free VPN/TOR/Proxy they can sniff your traffic on the exit node to the cloud. VPN and TOR wasn't really designed for a bunch of P2P traffic or people streaming their tv shows all day long. Even the top VPN services you pay to use, will have some policies and bandwidth control.

Posted : August 8, 2018 8:55 am
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