What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection refers to the methodology of protecting from threats the various endpoints- desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, IoT devices etc- that are connected to a network. This is important since unsecured endpoints could provide entry points for threats and malware. An endpoint security system would have a centrally located security software (located on a centrally managed server or gateway within the network) plus a client software that's installed on each endpoint or endpoint device, and offers an assortment of different security software including antivirus, firewall etc.

Endpoint Security Vs Antivirus Software

Endpoint security software and antivirus software are entirely different. Endpoint security software protects not an individual device but the whole network. While a network is protected with an endpoint protection software, each endpoint device in the same network needs to be protected with security software- with antivirus or antimalware tools.

How Endpoint Security Solutions work

Endpoint Security Solutions work on a client-server model and would be centrally located within a network on a centrally managed and accessible server or gateway. The client software would be located on each endpoint or endpoint device. It all works with the authentication of logins from the endpoints and the security software simultaneously updating client software when needed. When it works as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, the security programs and the host server are both maintained remotely by the merchant.


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Auto Containment™

Instantly contains all unknown threats.


Automatic detection, cleansing and quarantining of suspicious files

Host Firewall

Protection against threats, both inbound and outbound.

File Lookup

File reputation check against updated whitelist and blacklist

Virus Scope Behavior Analyzer

Behavior monitoring for all processes

Host Intrusion Prevention System

Monitoring of important OS activities to identify intrusions

Fileless Malware Protection

Protection against all fileless threats

Valkyrie Analyzers

Static and dynamic analysis of unknown threats

Real-time Visibility

Single centralized dashboard for detailed overview of endpoint activity

Support and Analysis

Round-the-clock expert human analysis of advanced threats


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