Cyber Crime

Australian Cyber Security

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia himself publicly disclosed that the Parliament House network and political parties of Australia were absorbing a number of cyber attacks for weeks. Morrison…

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NASA’s 35-Day Partial Shutdown A Step Towards Better Lives

The 35-day long U.S. Government shutdown has not only delayed basic government services and underfunded the operations of many state agencies and companies, but also caused a lot of missed…

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Ways Social Engineering Steals Money From The Elderly

Social Engineering has been a very successful technique for cybercriminals in extracting information from innocent users and use it for fraudulent purposes, all without the knowledge of the users. The…

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Website Malware Scanner

Ways To Make The Human Factor A Non-Issue In Cybersecurity

The implementation of adequate computer security measures requires contemplating technical, organizational and legal aspects, however, in many cases very little attention is paid to the importance of the human factor…

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Importance of Employee Awareness and Training For Cyber Security

The healthcare industry is one of the last sectors of the society that practice regular update cycles for their computer systems, that is the main factor why cybercriminals love to…

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Cyberwarfare Up Close United States Forces Vs North Korean Joanap Botnet

A team composed of members coming from U.S. Airforce, DOJ and FBI are assembled in order to track down and stop the operation of the alleged North Korean-funded botnet named…

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Typical Coverage Of Cyber Insurance

Hacking is no longer a hobby for a script kiddie’s 15 minutes of fame, but it is now a very serious business earning cybercriminal organization billions of US$ yearly. In…

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TCSC Founded, Set To Make Singapore More Cyber Attack Resilient

Telecom Cybersecurity Strategic Committee (TCSC) of Singapore is now established to effectively improve the city-state’s readiness against the actions of the external and internal threat actors. At the wake of…

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Mozilla Complains to EU About Facebook Hampering Transparency

Facebook is not new to controversy, and over the years we have how things have been particularly bad for the social media giant. The latest to join the list of…

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UAE Allegedly Spies On Its Gulf Neighbors Using An iPhone-based Espionage Tool

Over a third of online retail payments are now made using a mobile device. This method can be used to easily pay for a huge variety of products and services….

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