Cyber Attacks

First Cyber Attack Took Place

WannaCry, a malicious computer virus that encrypts data and demands ransom, hit thousands of computers across the world, causing several organization to close down. Not a day goes by without…

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The Sad State of New Zealand’s Cyber Attack Readiness

The New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association (FinTechNZ), a financial-technology organization has exposed the alarming situation of companies based on New Zealand, only around 6% have a reasonable level…

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Cyber Attacks Stopped By An Israeli Bomb

Justice, Israel style, the final judgment of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) against cyber attackers was decisive and literally with the “bang”. The highly contested Gaza strip between Israel and Palestinian…

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A “denial-of-service condition” has reportedly impacted a US energy company that provides power to many western states. TechCrunch reports, “An energy company providing power in several western U.S. states experienced…

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ATO Attacks Affect Around 4,000 Office 365 Accounts

ATO (Account Takeover) attacks have reportedly impacted roughly 4,000 Office 365 accounts, which were later used to carry out malicious activities. Details about the attacks, which spanned one whole month,…

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How to Protect Yourself from Online Cyber Attacks

Anyone who is on the internet is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Today, we depend on the internet for all kinds of things, including shopping, financial services and transactions, communication, entertainment…

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Yet Again! Cyber Attack on Toyota Car Maker

Once again Toyota Motor Corporation reported its second data breach. The first attack was in February, and it’s not clear whether the two incidents are related. The latest incident, revealed…

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What is a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks

What is a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks – Definition MITM attack refers to the kind of cyberattack in which an attacker eavesdrops on the communication between two targets- two legitimately communicating…

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Australia’s Election Proposal To Combat Cyber Attack

As a precaution to the risk of getting its election hacked, Australia has to create a special task force that will be tasked to inspect and prevent security issues come…

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1 Million Swiss Devices Victim Of Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks are not always dramatic in nature, to a point that the users receive notification that something bad is already happening in the system that needs the attention of…

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