Cyber Attacks

Advanced Persistent Threat What You Need to Know

Today, criminal organizations no longer attack corporations and businesses physically with weapons. Instead, they use computers and malware, aiming to steal vital information that can be used for malicious means….

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Adwind Spyware-as - a-Service Utility Grid Operators Attacks

A phishing campaign for grid operators uses a PDF attachment to offer spyware. A campaign aimed at a domestic grid infrastructure that spoofs a PDF attachment to deliver Adwind spyware….

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Common Social Engineering Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Organizations from all over the world are experiencing an increase in social engineering attacks, both in number and in sophistication. Hackers are devising more clever methods of fooling individuals or…

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IoT-capable Printers Becoming Unofficial Gateways For Cyber Attacks

The printer started as a simple device for printing on paper, providing users with a physical copy of their documents. However, this past decade, a printer even at home became…

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Vietnam Cyber Attacks For 1st Half-2019 More Than Doubled

When it comes to cyber-attack and digital security issues, we often report incidents happening in the United States, Europe, and other first-world nations. We rarely feature articles which discuss cybersecurity…

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Cyber Attacks From The Point Of View Of Financial Enterprise

As we have repeatedly mentioned here in, hackers today are no longer interested in digital vandalism against systems and websites. Showing how good you are in cracking and hacking…

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Cases of Cyber-Attacks in Kenya Rise to 11.2 million

Security researchers have found that 11.2 million cyber-attacks hit organizations in Kenya in the first quarter of 2019, this is a 10.1 percent increase in the number of security incidents…

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Cyber Attack Not Ruled-out For 5-Nation Power Outage

Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina are having country-wide power outages since June 16, 2019, 7:07 am Argentina time. Labeled by Argentinian authorities as a failure of the power grids…

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RAMBleed Attack Can Not Just Alter But Steal Sensitive Data

Researchers discovered a new security vulnerability that affects the confidentiality of data stored in computer memory. This enabled them to successfully extract a signature key with the usual user permissions…

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cyber attack vs cyber safety tips 2019

Cyber attacks are executed via the internet mostly for political or social reasons. These attacks target the general public or corporate and national organizations and are executed through the spread…

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