Ransomware will Scale up attacks in the coming Year

According to the recently-released McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report. It’s been a pretty scary year where cybercrime is concerned, with words like ransomware, malware and spyware becoming a part…

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How to Protect a Company from Ransomware Attacks

We have been discussing a lot about ransomware. We have been reporting many ransomware attacks that took place in the recent months, and we have also been discussing how ransomware…

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HackerCombat Special: The Most Notable Ransomware Attacks of 2017

Ransomware seems to be the trend in the world of cyber attacks.Some cyber security experts even call 2017 the year of ransomware attacks; they were so rampant and were discussed…

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HackerCombat Special: Security Experts on the LockCrypt Ransomware

We at HackerCombat keep an eye on all discussions that happen, as regards hacking and cyber security. We follow the experts and their blogs/websites. We keep an eye on what’s…

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Ransomware is Now A Lucrative Business for Cyber Criminals

Post the WannaCry outbreak, the term ransomware has become quite familiar, even to the layman. Today, it’s like ransomware here there and everywhere! It’s like every now and then we…

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Ransomware attacks on Android, Linux and MacOS systems

Just when we all were thinking that Ransomware can be dealt with strict and tight security measures, here comes the latest in the news that Ransomware can kill your Android,…

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The New Member of the Ransomware family Black-Rabbit Strikes Japan

Imagine hackers using the wiper to cover up their operations when they target their victims, Well, it has happened and it’s a new kind of ransomware called ONI, found in…

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Simple Action could have Saved NHS from WannaCry

NHS (The National Audit Office) across the country were affected by the WannaCry ransomware in May because they needn’t apply the Windows 7 patches, which was available that time. Later…

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Ransomware Targeting Windows Users in Iran…Beware!!!

Are you in Iran? Do you use the Windows operating system? If so, beware! There’s a Ransomware on the prowl that could target your system and the data therein… Tyrant-…

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4 Reasons Ransomware Attacks Should Be Duly Reported

Becoming subjected to ransomware attacks not only results in huge monetary losses but also the loss of reputation for various enterprises. On top of that, they may be slapped with…

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