Let’s Face It- Cryptomining Is The New Ransomware

For years, ransomware has been the most despicable aspect of the cybercriminals undertaking, with digital hoodlums truly held the data hostage until the payment was made. Some verticals in the…

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Ransomware is out, Cryptojacking is in

Crypto-currencies became very popular popularity for the last 2 years. The idea of mining virtual money that can be used for purchasing products and services online without the intervention of…

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Melbourne-Based Microsoft Partner Suffers Ransomware Attack

The Melbourne-based Microsoft partner Software Objectives has suffered a hack; a ransomware has hit systems at the company, thereby causing a data breach. News reports say that Software Objectives, which…

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Ransomware Attacks Top List of Cyber Insurance Claims for 2017

Ransomware tops in the list of cyber insurance claims that were received by the insurance giant AIG last year. As per the cyber claim insurance statistics published by AIG for…

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Ransomware: It’s Not Just the Ransom, There are Hidden Expenses As Well…

Ransomware strikes are on the rise, all over the world. Today, even laymen know what ransomware is. That ransomware strikes could cause all files and data to be encrypted and…

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Why Your Thought About Ransomware Is Wrong

It’s turned into an unavoidable truth that programmers may secure your PC, blocking access to your most significant information, and vowing to free it when you pay up. Ransomware is the new…

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Microsoft 365 Business Boosts SMB Security to Protect from Ransomware and Phishing

The Microsoft 365 Business suite has come up with some security enhancements designed to boost SMBs and their data. Microsoft recently added some new tools to its Microsoft 365 software…

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A School Pays $10,000 as Ransomware

The Leominster Public Schools District in Massachusetts was in the news for a very strange reason. Suspected hackers took control of their computers and shutting it down. As indicated by…

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Atlanta Still Recovering Nearly Three Weeks After Cyberattack

Nearly three weeks after a ransomware attack hit Atlanta, recovery is still going on; many areas in the Atlanta municipal corporation are still recovering from the attack. One of the…

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Protecting Yourself from Cyberattacks and Ransomware

The pace at which cyberattack are happening today, it looks imminent that companies will not be in a position to keep up with the attacks, and it is already happening. Off course…

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