Ransomware Hits Port of San Diego

We have always been saying that “Ransomware is here to stay”, and they keep reminding us in different ways. The other day in a press release the Port of San…

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Port of San Diego, The Newest Victim of Ransomware Attack

It is well known that cybercriminals want to profit from their activities, regardless of who or what will be the victim. The most recent victim of their ransomware is Port…

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Ransomware Retains Its Dominance Among Threats, Says Europol

Among the different kinds of malware threats, ransomware still retains its dominance, according to the Europol Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2018. The Europol Assessment report says, “Even though the…

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Bristol International Airport vs Ransomware

Time and time again, Ransomware has proven to be the most damaging malware type in history. The WannaCry ransomware nets its authors an estimated $4 billion in profit last year…

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Midland, Ontario Canada at the Wake of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a very big business for cybercriminals when partnered with the victim’s inefficient or worse, non-existent backup system – that is a jackpot for ransomware authors. Ransomware attacks user’s…

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Attackers Revamp Old Ransomware for Cryptocurrency Malware

In another tale of malware types, cybercriminals are starting to repurpose old ransomware with new capacities to illegally mine or steal cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero. Cybersecurity firms Fortinet and…

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HMC Says Ransomware Attack Turned Into Healthcare Data Breach

When a ransomware attack happens, the damage can be devastating. The loss of access to patient records, and even losing record is critical, add to that your services get suspended,…

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Managed Service Providers in the Era of Ransomware

We are living in the post-WannaCry era, last year, the said ransomware has caused an estimated $4 billion worth of global losses. Managed Service Providers had made a lot of…

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Cryptominers Fighting Among Themselves for a Share of Your PC

The year 2016 and 2017 we were talking about Ransomware, and now in 2018 we are looking at cryptojacking, that brutally takes over with no mercy. Unlike ransomware, the user…

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North Korea’s Ryuk Ransomware: the Most Profitable Ransomware in the Last Two Weeks

$640,000 in just two weeks and still counting, that is the estimated total revenue of the Ryuk ransomware that attacked various enterprise PCs in the last 14 days. With strong…

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