Mobile Security

Hacks to know about Mobile Encryption

There’s a diligent conviction that hackers target only large companies, however, tragically, that is not the situation. Truth be told, hackers frequently target little and medium-sized organizations accurately on the…

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Mobile Security and why it is Important

With the proliferation of mobile devices and users, service providers and telecom companies are increasingly seeking better security for their customers’ data. Hackers are determined and getting more sophisticated, which…

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How to Recover Your Infected Android Device

If you have an Android device then this article is for you. At times, you may have suspected that your Android device could have malware. An obvious sign of infection…

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Getting your phone screen replaced might be a shortcut to a vulnerability

Malware-Loaded Phone Screen Replacements Cyber criminals have successfully been able to insert malicious chips in smartphone screens. So, suppose you face an issue with your smartphone – specifically, its screen…

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Free Trojan with Android Devices

Android devices are a standout amongst the most vulnerable operating system due to its open-source nature. Nevertheless, what choice the user has if he is given a phone that is…

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Spying Messaging Apps Sneak into Google App Play Store

Android users have been bombarded with thousands of spyware apps. Thankfully, very few of them got through into the Google Play Store. Cyber security experts have been befuddled with this…

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Svpeng – The Most Dangerous Mobile Malware

Another kind of malware has been recognized that focuses on the financial transaction. This kind of Russian malware, known as Svpeng, is affecting Mobile Banking applications in the United States….

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Dangerous Spyware Apps Detected On Android Play Store

Google security researchers have discovered a new family of Android spyware on Android Play Store that could cause much damage to Android devices and their users. The newly discovered spyware…

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Android Malware Will Never Die

The open nature of Android Operating System is what makes it hugely popular among users. Unfortunately, it’s the same open natured-ness which makes the operating system an easy target for…

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Vulnerability in Broadcom Wifi Chips Could’ve Affected SmartPhones

It has been discovered that a security vulnerability found in Wifi Chips embedded into our smartphones – which enable them to access the internet and connect to other devices wirelessly…

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