Mobile Security

The Rise of Mobile Payments and the Technology Keeping Them Secure

If the growth of the internet has transformed one aspect of our lives more than any other in recent years, it is the way in which we interact with money….

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Two Malicious iOS Fitness Apps Detected and Removed

Two malicious iOS fitness apps, which were being used to cheat users and rob them of their money, have been detected and consequently removed. The two apps- “Fitness Balance app”…

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Apple Request Developers to get macOS apps notarized

The introduction of macOS Mojave, Apple has introduced notarization for Mac applications that are offered outside of the Mac App Store. The component is intended to shield Mac user’s malicious apps. Apple…

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Apple Disapproves Australia’s Proposed Anti-Encryption Law

In an uncommon show of open challenge, Apple has censured the Morrison government’s proposed anti-encryption bill, calling it “dangerously ambiguous” and “alarming to every Australian”. The Access and Assistance Bill…

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Africa’s Mobile Security Situation 2018

Western traditional media is very powerful these days. One horrible story unfolding, and they place premium time and space for its coverage. Relevance with whatever story they tell the public…

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SingTel Via, the Next Generation Cross-Boundary Payment Scheme

We are in the age of computing where ISPs are trying to expand their market in order to enter an industry where they can make more money while expanding the…

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Fake Fortnite App Installs Hidden Bitcoin Miner

Fortnite for Android is a very different beast compared to other games on the platform. Epic Games made a strong stance that they don’t want to pay the Google Tax….

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iOS 12 on Apple’s New iPhone XS Jailbroken by Pangu Group

This is a bit of a bad news for Apple; iOS 12 on Apple’s new iPhone XS has suffered a jailbreak, courtesy a Chinese hacking group. It’s Pangu, the Chinese…

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4 Things To Do To Get Your Smartphone Compromised

Today’s smartphone is a marvel child of Science and Technology, that even the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell would kill to get his hands with one during his…

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Android Users Alerted About Fake Fortnite Apps

Security experts have alerted and warned Android users about dozens of fake apps that could get their Android devices infected. As we know, Android has become immensely popular today; as…

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