Mobile Security

How Protect Your Android Device From The Mobile Banking Trojan

Over the years, technology has changed the way we do everything, from shopping to working to connecting with friends. For valuable services like banking, these innovations have already become a…

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Why You Should Always Update Your Android Device

You’ve probably encountered notifications on your Android phone that a new patch and update is now available for download. Maybe, sometimes, you instantly update it once you received these kinds…

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Musings on Mobile Security

Mobile devices are handy, mobile devices help you scale heights in the digital world and mobile devices make lots of things convenient for you. We could even say that mobile…

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Teen Phone Monitoring App Exposes Thousands of Passwords

Here’s some news relating to smartphone security! Reports say that a very popular teen phone monitoring app has exposed thousands of passwords; the app, which is designed for parents who…

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How to secure the mother of all networks, the Internet?

In the coming years in 2019-2020, the active mobile users will cross the 5 billion mark globally, and add to this the number of tablet user will also increase. When…

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Malicious Apps and Malware Bounce Back into Google Play Posing Threat to Android Security

A set of malicious applications, which host a malware that was earlier detected and removed from Google Play, has now reappeared, posing a fresh threat to Android security. Security researchers…

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7 Android Security Features You Never Knew You Needed

If you own an Android phone and you’re feeling naked in terms of security, it’s great to know the open source mobile OS has some nifty security features. From keeping…

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Faster Internet with Privacy-Focused DNS Service

Cloudflare, the prominent internet performance and security company, has launched, reportedly the world’s fastest privacy-focused secure DNS service that serves two purposes at one go. On the one hand,…

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When Google Removed 36 Fake Security Apps from Google Play…

It was over three months ago that Google removed 36 fake security apps from Google Play. This happened after these apps were flagged by Trend Micro researchers… These apps would…

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A Single-Character Message That Can Crash Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac

This is interesting news for those who follow developments as regards iPhone security, iPhone virus etc; a single character message that comes seeking you could crash your Apple iPhone or…

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