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When Google Removed 36 Fake Security Apps from Google Play…

It was over three months ago that Google removed 36 fake security apps from Google Play. This happened after these apps were flagged by Trend Micro researchers… These apps would…

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A Single-Character Message That Can Crash Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac

This is interesting news for those who follow developments as regards iPhone security, iPhone virus etc; a single character message that comes seeking you could crash your Apple iPhone or…

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Facebook Caught Collecting Data from Android Device

In 2012 they said, “Necessity Will Soon Make Facebook the World’s Largest Mobile Ad Network World”. Well! Until June 2017, it was reported that Facebook has more than 2 billion…

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Android is Now as Secure as iOS!

David Kleidermacher, Google’s head of security for Android, seems to be stating, without taking names, that Android is now as secure as iOS. Kleidermacher has made this statement in an…

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Cisco introduces security app to prevent smartphone users

Cisco’s new iOS 11 will give comprehensive protection over network activity to prevent users getting attacked from Ransomware and malware. Cisco and Apple have come together to protect the iOS…

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5 Mobile Security Threats That You Should Be Cautious of in 2018

Mobile Security is now an integral part of enterprise security. Mobile malware has become a thing to reckon with for individuals as well as for enterprises big and small. With…

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Hacks to know about Mobile Encryption

There’s a diligent conviction that hackers target only large companies, however, tragically, that is not the situation. Truth be told, hackers frequently target little and medium-sized organizations accurately on the…

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Mobile Security and why it is Important

With the proliferation of mobile devices and users, service providers and telecom companies are increasingly seeking better security for their customers’ data. Hackers are determined and getting more sophisticated, which…

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Recuperate Your Infected Android Device Now

If you have an Android device then this article is for you. At times, you may have suspected that your Android device could have malware. An obvious sign of infection…

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Getting your phone screen replaced might be a shortcut to a vulnerability

Malware-Loaded Phone Screen Replacements Cyber criminals have successfully been able to insert malicious chips in smartphone screens. So, suppose you face an issue with your smartphone – specifically, its screen…

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