SEC spoofed, malware hosted on US govt server

A new version of DNS Messenger attack was discovered by the researcher, which masquerades as the SEC US Securities and Exchange Commission and plants malware on government server that is…

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PornHub Users Attacked with Advertising Malware in a Year-Long Attack

Millions of PornHub users have been infected with advertising malware by cyber crooks ‘in a year-long attack’. Reports say that the attack, using the Kotver malware, could have been used…

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NSA malware on Kaspersky Network; Israeli Intelligence

Kaspersky is in the eye of a storm after reports claim that National Security Agency hacking tool was found in their network. Israeli intelligence which claims to have a hacked…

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One in Nine Email Users Encounter Malware…Are You the ‘One’?

You perhaps didn’t know! One in nine email users had encountered email malware during the first half of 2017, as per the findings of a recent research done by security…

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Cheap, Nasty FormBook Malware Used for Data Stealing Campaign

Hackers are now using a cheap, nasty malware- the FormBook malware- to carry out a series of campaigns targeting defense, aerospace and manufacturing contractors in the US and South Korea,…

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Google’s New Android Robocop AI Detects and Destroys Malware

Google seems to be achieving some success with machine learning. Its Robocop AI has considerably enhanced its detection capabilities by analyzing the behavior of malware. Adrian Ludwig, head of Android…

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New Android Malware That Could Claim Over 21 Million Victims

Smartphones today are pocket-sized computers. We use them for web browsing, cash transactions, gaming, official and business correspondences and much more. Moreover, with BYOD being an accepted trend in the…

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Malware Jumps Network Air Gaps Through Camera Infrared Signals

Cybercriminals can now utilize a malware-infected surveillance camera network to send additional malware or new commands, as well as exfiltrate data from devices connected to the network through infrared signals….

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Serious Malware Infection Hits CCleaner

A serious malware infection has hit CCleaner, the very popular system maintenance tool. This is obviously a very embarrassing kind of situation, especially since it was in summer last that…

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Malware Developers Dupe Operators to do the Dirty Work

Wannabe cyber criminals are now able to easily procure malware from the dark web marketplaces. It has become quite easy nowadays. And cyber criminals don’t seem to need the technical…

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