Crypto-Jacking Malware and How Criminals Use Business Networks for Cryptocurrency Mining

The crypto-jacking malware, a new cyber threat that has been found on systems and servers within business networks, websites and many IoT (Internet of Things) devices, helps criminals use business…

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Cryptomining Malware Affects 42 Percent Organizations in February: Study Report

The cryptomining malware seems to be evolving as a trend worldwide these days; a recent study reveals that in February cryptomining malware had affected 42 percent organizations across the world….

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Damages Caused by Malware

The harm caused by a virus or malware, which infects a home PC or a corporate system can be diverse – from an insignificant increase in traffic in your network…

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Mac Malware Showing Increasing Trend Since 2017

Most malware, as we know, target Windows systems; the reasons are obvious. The major reason, however, is that Windows is the most popularly used OS all over the world. The…

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Researchers Discover Stealthy Malware Slingshot Which Spreads Through Routers

Kaspersky Lab researchers have reported the discovery of a highly sophisticated cyber-espionage campaign which has been named Slingshot and which spreads through compromised routers, at the same time remaining undetected…

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Many Different Types of Mobile Attacks Showed Declining Trend in 2017: Kaspersky Report

Though overall the number of mobile malware attacks has increased in 2017, there has been a decline in many different types of mobile attacks, says the Kaspersky Annual Mobile Malware…

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Microsoft Saves 400,000 Windows Users From Cryptomining Malware

Microsoft, using its improved anti-malware software, has succeessfully managed to save about 400.000 Windows users from a massive cryptomining malware attack. The attack happened on March 6 and in just…

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Malware Attack Would Increase in 2018, Says Report

According to a recent research report, malware attacks would be on the rise in 2018. It’s the 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report that comes up with this inference, among many other…

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Malware: An Introduction, a Brief History and the Different Kinds of Malware…

Malware: An Introduction Malware or malicious software could be defined as the software that cyber criminals develop with malicious intents- like accessing and causing damage to a computer/mobile device or…

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Coldroot, the Mac Malware That Does Silent System-Wide Keylogging

Here comes news about another Mac malware that does secret system-wide keylogging. Security researchers have now found a new Mac malware strain, which has been named Coldroot and which remains…

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