Old-School Malware Tricks Still Work

“The oldest trick in the book is pulling the head off a dead goose and then restoring it” — Daniel Radcliffe. This is true today, especially on the issue of…

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China’s Alleged Hidden Chip for Espionage Exposed

Espionage is a normal function of a powerful state, as even the United States have the controversial Prism controversy as exposed by Edward Snowden five years ago. Cloud services like…

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Cryptomining Malware Grows by 86% in Q2: McAfee Report

There has been an increase in the number of cryptomining malware attacks in the second quarter of 2018, according to a report by McAfee Labs. The McAfee Labs Threats Report,…

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Air Gapped PCs are Still at Risk. The Rise of USB-based Crytojacking Malware

Kaspersky Labs has revealed on their official blog that Africa is the most vulnerable region in the world when it comes to crytojacking via USB malware. Cryptojacking is a new…

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Hacker Sentenced for Running “Scan4you” Malware Scanning Service

Latvian hacker Rusland Bondars, who had developed and run the Scan4you” Malware Scanning Service, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. Ruslans Bondars, 38, who was tried for conspiracy…

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Second Quarter Threat Report 2018: Nasty Malware Trend, Growing not Shrinking

If people and companies will depend heavily on cybersecurity news when deciding what operating system to use, nobody will use Windows. That is a plausible practical view of utilitarian users,…

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The New XBash Malware with Ransomware, Cryptocurrency, Botnets Features

A new malware, dubbed XBash piece was discovered by Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks says that it is targeting both Linux and Microsoft Windows servers. The malware Developed in Python, Xbash…

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Ramnit Banking Trojan, August 2018’s Top Malware

Banking Trojans are one of the most common malware these days, alongside ransomware and cryptojacking. And one of the most prolific of them all this year is named the Ramnit…

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The Schneider Electric Fiasco: Infected USB-Flash Drives Fresh from the Factory

When purchasing a USB-flash drive, it is typically acceptable it comes pre-formatted from the factory. It is usually formatted as a FAT32 drive, for universal compatibility even for MacOS and…

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The All-New Kronos Banking Trojan Discovered

After lying low for a couple of years, the Kronos trojan reemerged in July with a new name Osiris. A more extensive investigation of how the banking trojan has evolved,…

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