Crypto-Mining Malware is Catching Up

According to Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact index, nearly 23 percent of organizations across the world is affected by the Coinhive – the Crypto-mining malware that drains CPU power…

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SSL Encryption and How Criminals Exploits it for Malware Attacks

According to a cloud security firm headquartered in California says “Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption may be growing in popularity as organizations seek to protect their internet traffic but SSL…

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Another Android Security-Related Discovery: First Kotlin-Based Malware in Google Play Store

Cyber security researchers have reportedly discovered what they think is the first Krotin-based malware affecting the Android OS. The discovery has been made by researchers at Trend Micro; a Trend…

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Zyklon Malware Campaign Targets Microsoft Office Users

Zyklon, a new malware is out and targeting Microsoft Office users through their inboxes. This dangerous malware is making use of human negligence plus software that’s out of date. Experts…

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Complex PZChao Windows Malware Being Monitored by Experts

PZChao, a new and complex Windows malware, is being monitored by cyber security experts since last July. It’s security researchers at cyber security firm Bitdefender who have been monitoring this…

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Threat to Mobile Device called Dark Caracal Malware

How many of us know that the devices that we use for our daily use are prone to theft, hack, and other software-related issues. Electronic Frontier Foundation’s researchers uncovered a…

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Looking Back, December 2017: Crypto-Mining Malware Impacts 55% of Businesses

Half a month into the new year, let’s take a look back at how the scenario was in the last month of the last year, 2017. December 2017, like any…

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A Malware uses Facebook Messenger to Spread Cryptocurrency Miner

Cryptocurrency mining, malware is spreading at a fast rate, and this time the criminals are making use of Facebook Messenger to infect people as the message looks genuine from friend’s….

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The New Android Malware AnubisSpy

AnubisSpy- is a new Android malware that targets Arabic-speaking users in the Middle East. Experts say ‘The malware can spy and has extreme data-stealing capabilities.’ It has been linked to…

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The New Threat to Android Phones – Loapi Malware

A new malware that has the capacity to mine cryptocurrency launched DDoS attacks that after two days of testing it completely destroyed the Android phone. The malware Loapi has a…

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