Ethiopia’s Malware Attacks on Dissidents in Other Countries

Ethiopia continues to carry out targeted malware attacks on dissidents and activists located in other countries, according to the research findings published by The Citizen Lab. Key findings of the…

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Fileless Malware, Malware-Free Attacks Form 66 Percent of All Attacks: CrowdStrike Finding

Malware strikes seem to be happening all around us; big corporates and organizations seem to shiver at the thoughts of hackers managing to go off with all their data using…

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Mac OS Malware bypass Security with Developer Certificates

Cybercriminals alter the vendor’s website and replace legitimate apps with dubious ones that are meant to steal data from the user. If the ransomware got active in late 2016 with…

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Tackling Android Malware and Securing Your Android Device

Android malware is a big reality now; it’s increasingly becoming a part of our day to day existence. With Android devices getting immensely popular, security threats to Android devices too…

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Different Types of Malware | Hacker Combat Special

Malware is a general term, used to refer to all kinds of malicious files. Specifically speaking, there are many different kinds of malware. It’s always good to have an understanding…

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Vulnerability in Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech

Over a years, Microsoft imparted support for a key malware mitigation technique that makes it tougher for dubious applications to anticipate which code will be running into particular target addresses….

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Malware That Targets Mac OS

While Apple/Mac is considered to be strong in security, but let’s say it is not immune to attack. Last time the German security firm Avast did reveal few things which…

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Researchers Discover Three Monero Mining Malware Apps on Play Store

Today cyber criminals are devising new ways to use cryptocurrency miners and make easy money. Hackers simply target unsuspecting users and use their CPU power to mine for cryptocurrency, without…

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Try to Remove This Malware, and It Will Turn Itself into a Ransomware…

When a malware strikes you, what would be your first thought about? You’d definitely think about removing the malware. But here comes a malware that you shouldn’t think about removing,…

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New Malware Attack Targeting Ukraine and Other European Countries

New Malware Attacks now seem to be happening on a regular basis, so regularly that a malware strike is not even considered news by many… Here’s news, if at all…

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