Fax Capable-Printers, an Attack Prospect for Malware Payload

The fax machine in the eyes of the millennial generation is what is the Walkman, cd player and cassette tapes are today, a relic of the forgettable past. However, some…

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The Story Behind the Frying of an Egg on a Router

The Symantec Blackhat Conference for many years past features the awesome talent of many ethical hackers to display their wits and contribute to a safer computing world for everyone. But…

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Malware Outbreak that caused delays and loss for TSMC

TSMC declared for the current week that it endured a PC malware, putting them down and out of business for 3-days while their system was back to life. This has…

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The Story of Security in the History of Computing

During the decades gone by, a company that used a computer system for some sort only had two variables to cover when it comes to computer security: External floppy disk…

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145 Windows-malware loaded Play Store Apps, deleted by Google

Google, upon the advice of Palo Alto Networks from last week, has deleted 145 apps in its Google Play Store which were proven harboring malicious Windows-based malware. The apps were…

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What Will Be The Next Big Disruption To The World Of Firewall Security?

When it comes to protecting networks and infrastructure, a traditional firewall is still considered to be the best cybersecurity shield for organizations. Over the past 30 years, firewalls have developed stateful…

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These 5 Easy Malware Policies Can Improve School Security

Despite the importance of school security, computers on educational campuses are considered to have the weakest level of overall cybersecurity. In the case of public schools, corporations, social do-gooders, and…

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Why Experts Now Say 2018 Is Drowning In Malware

According to a recent report, malware attacks have continued to accelerate in the first half of 2018, accompanied by dangerous ransomware which is back in full force. The 2018 SonicWall…

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Things to Consider When Defending Against Malware

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin In the world of IT, Franklin’s famous quote above still rings the bell. Sadly, there are still companies that are…

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This Malware Might Look Like A Google Play Application

Security researchers recently discovered a group of cybercriminals successfully spreading Trojan banking malware through the use of bogus Google Play applications. First detected in June by professionals at IBM X-Force, the…

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