The Top 10 Worst Data Breaches of all Time

Data Breaches are on the rise, creating disasters for companies throughout the world. Just this year, there have been seemingly endless security breaches and hacks, with the victims being both…

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Huawei Roots for Cloud Computing to Ensure Data Protection

Huawei seems to be rooting for cloud computing as a strong measure to ensure better data protection, for governments as well as corporations. A senior Huawei executive made this observation…

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Swedish Government Faces Damage from Massive Data Breach

The Swedish government now has to face and investigate damage from a massive data breach, a real IT catastrophe. The Swedish authorities have discovered a massive mistake that has happened…

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CIA Colluded with Tech To Develop Malware-WikiLeaks

Wikileaks on its ongoing Vault 7 leaks, revealed how the CIA contractors are liable for advanced malware and hacking methods being utilized by the so called digital offenders. According to the…

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5 Ways to Safeguard yourself from Linux Malware

There was a time when people thought Linux devices were safe against malware. But last year’s Mirai botnet attacks, which turned a number of network devices running Linux into remotely…

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Chinese SSL CAs WoSign and StartCom Banned by Google Chrome

Google Chrome no longer trusts SSL/TLS certificates from Chinese Certificate Authorities CA WoSign and StartCom. WoSign and StartCom will be banned on versions of Chrome 61 and later. The decision…

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NotPetya : Ransomware or Not, Prevention is Better than Cure

It has been almost a week since the NotPetya malware outbreak has happened. The malware, which hit Ukraine and some other European countries last Tuesday, was initially reported to be…

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