CIA Colluded with Tech To Develop Malware-WikiLeaks

Wikileaks on its ongoing Vault 7 leaks, revealed how the CIA contractors are liable for advanced malware and hacking methods being utilized by the so called digital offenders. According to the…

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5 Ways to Safeguard yourself from Linux Malware

There was a time when people thought Linux devices were safe against malware. But last year’s Mirai botnet attacks, which turned a number of network devices running Linux into remotely…

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Chinese SSL CAs WoSign and StartCom Banned by Google Chrome

Google Chrome no longer trusts SSL/TLS certificates from Chinese Certificate Authorities CA WoSign and StartCom. WoSign and StartCom will be banned on versions of Chrome 61 and later. The decision…

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NotPetya: Ransomware or Not, Prevention is Better than Cure

It has been almost a week since the NotPetya malware outbreak has happened. The malware, which hit Ukraine and some other European countries last Tuesday, was initially reported to be…

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