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Oops! Gmail Spam Campaign Gone Wrong

It’s common for ordinary email users to just leave their sent items behind. It’s just stored and piled up according to date. Though, there is a minority who are so…

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Regular Change of Internet Passwords Not Necessary

The communications ministry in Japan has reportedly decided that it is not necessary to keep changing internet passwords regularly. The ministry instead advises citizens to use one hard-to-guess password per…

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Is it Possible to Spy Facebook Messenger?

With over 700 million active users, Facebook has quite literally revolutionized the way we look at social networking. If you seek to engage with many people simultaneously, then Facebook is…

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New Privacy Extension and App from DuckDuckGo

It was quite recently that DuckDuckGo, the company that provides the DuckDuckGo search engine (which emphasizes on protecting users’ privacy) came up with a new privacy extension and app. Information…

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The Brighter Side of Dark Web is Even Scarier

What happens to the data of an organization when their system is hacked, obviously those stolen data end up in the data market. The hackers sell it to what is…

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Facebook Knows Everything About You

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress this week to explain how his company collects and handles users’ personal information. The past few weeks have been difficult for Facebook…

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NTT Security Warns Organizations About Coin Mining, Malware

Security company NTT Security has warned the organizations about malware designed for the cryptocurrency, and how they can be vulnerable to such attacks if things are left unattended. The type…

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YouTube to Increase Security Across Its Office Worldwide

In the aftermath of the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, the company has increased the security at all of its offices across the world. This is intended…

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The Best Security Packages for Windows 10

The lab at AV-TEST examined 20 Internet security suites. The agenda of the test involved the categories of protection, performance and the effect on usability. There were seven packages based…

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Over Four Million Vulnerabilities Detected by GitHub Security

GitHub security alerts significantly reduced the time it takes for developers to remove vulnerabilities from their Ruby and JavaScript projects, says GitHub. GitHub’s security alerts notify repository admins when library…

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