FlawedAmmy, the Only RAT in CheckPoint’s Global Threat Index 2018 List

2017 was a year of ransomware, primarily the WannaCry malware that made $4 billion in profits from the ransom payments of its poor victims globally. This year is a bit…

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Huawei a Threat to Australia’s Infrastructure, Says Spy Chief

Australia’s spy chief says that China’s Huawei could pose a great security threat to the country’s infrastructure, especially the water supply and electricity grid. The Guardian reports, “Australia’s spy chief…

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Removal Storage, USB Drives Serious Security Threats: Report

Removal storage and USB thumb drives are serious security threats and could cause massive damage to industrial systems, as per a new report. A new, first-of-its-kind research report released on…

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Indian Corporates Should be Wary of Email-Based Threats

The focus today is on the Indian corporate scenario. The HackerCombat research team, ever on the go, has been analyzing the current cybersecurity landscape in India, with special focus on…

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NTT and Symantec Partnership Bears First Fruit: WSaaS

NTT Security declared that it will incorporate Symantec’s cloud-based security benefit with its own improved threat detection, giving Web Security as a Service (WSaaS). The service will focus on providing…

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The Small, Medium-Sized Enterprise vs Cyberthreats

“Small and medium-scale enterprises created jobs and strengthened support industries in domestic economies. While foreign direct investment from developed countries and the transfer of technology could aid the small and…

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Cyber Threats & Misinformation Happens During US Midterm Elections

Accusations about impending foreign intervention of the U.S. midterm elections are in the air, with President Trump and his administration at the receiving end of complaints for allegedly being negligent…

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Fundamentals Of Computing Security

Because the transfer of data used to function through the Sneakernet, personal computing in the 80’s and 90’s was a lot more simple. The slang term refers to the method users must adopt,…

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Kaspersky Lab Turns Transparency Into Data Protection

Leading cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab, is moving its core infrastructure to Zurich, Switzerland where it is slated to open its first Transparency Center. By the end of 2019, data from…

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Fortinet Reflects On The Dangerous New Threatscape

Industry research supports the belief that cybercriminals are currently developing many new ways to boost their attack capabilities, on the network and beyond. Drawing conclusions from the collective intelligence of…

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