Flaw in GDPR-Themed WordPress Plugin Used to Hijack Websites

A security flaw in a GDPR-themed WordPress plugin has been used by hackers to hijack websites, as per reports. A blog post by Defiant, a company that focuses on WordPress…

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Text-based reCaptcha, Defeated By An AI Bot

Anyone who browses the web is very familiar with the anti-robot technology we call CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), that blocks everyone to…

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Practical Policies That Help Increase Corporate Security

Companies today have largely accepted that technology is here to stay, and not embracing it is not in the table. The white flag has been raised, even for the strict…

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YouTube to Remove its Annotations Feature in January 2019

YouTube now finally decides to remove its annotations feature, after having discontinued the annotations editor earlier. It was in May 2017 that Google discontinued the YouTube annotations editor, after finding…

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Women Empowerment in Technology and IT Security Pushed

Women in technology is a force to recon with, as it is one of the most gender-neutral industries on a global scale. This has been the message echoed in the…

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Your Network Hardware Maybe Aiding Spies Right Now

Yes, really. Your government or a foreign spy agency might be tuning in right now through your router or your server equipment. Two Cases of Hardware Tampering In 2015, Amazon…

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The Prospects of Commercializing Homeland Security Technologies

The amount of research that the U.S Department of Homeland Security puts in for combating cybercrimes is stupendous. This research leads to developing technology that’s used in turn to develop…

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Google Signed a Secret Pact with Mastercard to Track Offline Buyers

Over a week after Google admitted the company tracks users’ location even after they disable location, history, it has now been revealed that the tech giant has signed a secret…

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Australia Doesn’t Want Huawei And Zte For Their 5G Networks

The Australian government doesn’t want the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE to supply technology for its 5G network. The government has decided to block these two prominent Chinese tech companies…

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Thanks, Skype, For Boosting Security With End-To-End Encryption

The new Skype 8.0 has been fully redesigned and will replace its predecessor, version 7.0, which will cease to function after September 1, 2018. The new version comes with several…

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