Phishing Attacks

London Blue Cybergang List 50,000 execs for Phishing Attacks

As reported by SC Magazine, a U.K./Nigerian cybergang has accumulated a list of more than 50,000 corporate executives to be targeted in future phishing campaigns. According to Agari’s London Blue…

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Phishing Scams Serious Problem for Canada’s Global Affairs

Digital scams, especially phishing scams are reportedly posing a “serious problem” for Canada’s Global Affairs Department. A recent report by The Canadian Press reporter Jim Bronskill states that as per…

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Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce, Favorite Whipping Boy of Phishers

Phishing attacks anchor itself by its two strong instruments: Pretending to be from a popular brand The clever presentation making its message believable Without these two aspects, phishing attempts will…

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Cybercriminals Using SMS Phishing Attack to Rob Cardless ATM

Cybercriminals have devised a new way of hacking cardless ATMs using SMS-based phishing attacks. It has become a new trend with many financial institutions to offer cardless ATM transactions, thereby…

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Apple Made Apology Due to Apple ID Phishing Attacks

Just a few weeks after Facebook and Google faced controversial embarrassment when it comes to their security, seems like it is Apple’s turn for their own version of a security…

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On Phishing Attacks and the Companies That are Targeted the Most

We at HackerCombat have always been writing about different kinds of phishing attacks and also on how phishing scams are on the rise. The last phishing-related story we had done…

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Aspire Health, Another Healthcare Firm as a Phishing Victim

Aspire Health, through its federal court record, has revealed that it was a victim of a nasty phishing attack through email that exposed patients’ records to unknown parties this September…

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Counter Phishing Attacks with These Five Tricks

Forgot to lock your office, never mind you have a much bigger security concern to worry about, for example, phishing attacks. In 2017 nearly 76 percent of the business across…

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What Went Wrong: The Zoho CRM Downtime of 2018

Customer Relationship Management vendor, Zoho went offline after its registrar applied for a suspension order, due to a phishing issue. TierraNet deliberately took down the domain as a countermeasure…

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The Common Factors in Phishing

Nowadays, the Internet plays a significant role in online commerce and business activities. However, the weak security awareness of users on the Internet and, a strong motivation for profit attracts…

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