Phishing Attacks

T-Mobile Faces Another Data Breach, Millions Affected

T-Mobile has suffered another data breach, which has reportedly put millions of customers at risk. Their personal information is now available to anyone who’d want to grab it. As per…

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Facebook Makes Two-Factor Authentication Easier to Set Up

In a bid to make things easier for users while signing in, Facebook has endeavored to make two-factor authentication easier to set up. The two-factor authentication is always looked upon…

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Microsoft 365 Business Boosts SMB Security to Protect from Ransomware and Phishing

The Microsoft 365 Business suite has come up with some security enhancements designed to boost SMBs and their data. Microsoft recently added some new tools to its Microsoft 365 software…

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New Verification Feature for Google Accounts to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Google has announced, for Google accounts, a new feature that would help successfully combat phishing attacks. In an update dated 25th April on its G Suite blog, Google had announced…

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Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of WEI Mortgage Customers

The Virginia-based firm WEI Mortgage has disclosed recently that it has been hit by a data breach which could have led to sensitive personal data of its customers getting exposed….

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Why You Need to Secure Your Mailbox to Ensure Advanced Phishing Threat Protection

If you wish to ensure comprehensive advanced phishing threat protection, the very basic thing you have to ensure is mailbox security. This is because cyber criminals who always devise new…

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HackerCombat Guide on How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are now very common; every one who uses the internet comes across phishing emails almost daily and it seems that most of us have now trained ourselves to…

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Phishing Attacks Increased by 59 Percent in 2017: Kaspersky Report

Phishing attacks have increased by 59 percent in 2017, compared to the figure in 2016, according to a report published by Kaspersky Lab. The ‘Spam and Phishing in 2017‘ report…

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Beware of phishing emails on the eve of New Year

As the new year, 2018 approach the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) the state tax agencies has called upon the citizens to be alert and look for new sophisticated email, likely…

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Scammers in the guise of IRS Targeting Hotmail Users

IRS has issued a warning to taxpayers and tax professionals about a phishing email scam that targets Hotmail users and steals their financial information. The fraud email comes with a…

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