Phishing Attacks

Optus Email Scam Target Customers with Fake Late Payment Penalties

Phishing emails are an everyday occurrence, as they are effective in taking advantage of people’s easy propensity to trust corporate logo-bearing messages.  The number one motivation is profitability, there is…

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Customized Phishing Campaign that target High-Profile Business

A modern phishing campaign focusing on the industrial sector appears once again and demonstrated how attackers are continually enhancing at attracting high profile-clients into executing malware on their systems. Kaspersky…

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Tech Giant Google Now Turns To Physical Locks For Security

As the EU slaps Google with a $5 billion fine resulting from an Android antitrust case, the search giant is now set to become the first company ever to secure…

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A Hidden Bug In The System Puts 21,000 U.K. Students At Risk

A hidden bug found within an information management system may have compromised the data of 21,000 U.K. schools, who are all now at risk of a possible breach. It appears…

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Check Out The Most Disastrous New Phishing Scams of 2018

Phishing scams are among the most common cyber threats companies and organizations face today, as they can lead to huge financial losses of both money and data. The FBI has…

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Heighten End-User’s Responsibility with Fighting Phishing

Antimalware companies have made many innovations for many decades in order to keep individuals and enterprises secure from cyber risks. However, human end-users are still considered the weakest part of…

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How to Stay Vigilant Against Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks have become a common occurrence in the digital age. While most of us already know what these email scams look like and how to avoid them, their evolutionary…

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How Phishing Scams Can Steal Your Paycheck

It’s a big deal—not to mention highly-irritating—when computers become infected and lose valuable and sometimes irreplaceable files. A compromised server can leak vital personal information onto the internet and expose…

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T-Mobile Faces Another Data Breach, Millions Affected

T-Mobile has suffered another data breach, which has reportedly put millions of customers at risk. Their personal information is now available to anyone who’d want to grab it. As per…

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Facebook Makes Two-Factor Authentication Easier to Set Up

In a bid to make things easier for users while signing in, Facebook has endeavored to make two-factor authentication easier to set up. The two-factor authentication is always looked upon…

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