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The 5 Cybersecurity Challenges Companies Need to Know
Cyber Crime

Things That Cybersecurity Experts Should Never Do

Cybersecurity is a very sensitive area, one small mistake and it could lead to grave consequences and big losses. Thus it needs to be pointed out that the cybersecurity professional’s…

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Wanna cry Ransomware
Latest Security News Ransomware

IKARUSdilapidated – The New variant of Locky Ransomware

August 9, 2017, Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab unearthed a new ransomware campaign, that infects tens of thousands of victims with a simple email with an attachment and no text. According…

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Anti-phishing Mechanisms
Latest Security News

Google Introduces Anti-phishing Mechanisms for iPhone Gmail App

It was three months ago that Google introduced anti-phishing security checks in Gmail on Android. Now, Google comes out with anti-phishing mechanisms that would be of help to iPhone users…

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ransomware attacks

Hacker behind the bars in the US – who assisted to paralyze the ransomware attack

Marcus Hutchins, a youthful British analyst credited with crashing a worldwide cyberattack in May, has been captured for purportedly making and circulating managing an account malware, U.S. specialists say. Hutchins…

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BI & Data Security
Cyber Crime

Changelly CEO gets connected with European Cybercrime Center

The ransom funds from the WannaCry attack were moved from Bitcoin to Monero, and now the barter included, are helping police to discover the culprits. Prior today, Cointelegraph reported on…

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Cyber Security Threat Hunters
Cyber Crime Latest Security News

Cyber Security Threat Hunters? Who Are They? What Do They Do?

The internet has brought with it a lot of benefits for us. Unfortunately, it has also introduced us to cyber crimes. Since the advent of this nefarious activity, the world…

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How Antivirus Works
Latest Security News Tech

Back to Basics : Antivirus Protection To your PCs

Just like soldiers protecting our borders from enemy attacks, antivirus software packages protect our PC(s) from various malware perpetrated by hackers. They run in the background, as we operate our…

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SSL Traffic
Web Security

Malicious SSL Traffic Doubles, So Do We Really Need SSL Certificates?

Studies point out that malicious SSL traffic is on the rise; ie, the volume of malicious content that’s transmitted in an encrypted manner via SSL/TLS has increased considerably. Well, that…

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Wi-Fi security
Latest Security News

Protect Your Business From Network Security Threats

Cyber security threat landscape is evolving every day. No matter what security measures the IT security experts seem to be coming up with, the hackers are eventually finding ways to…

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WannaCry, Ransomware
Latest Security News Web Security

WannaCry Saviour’s Arrest Could Have Serious Repercussions, Predict IT Security Experts

The IT Security Community is apparently not happy with the arrest of Marcus Hutchins, the British Hacker responsible for creating the kill switch for Wanncry Ransomware, over the alleged creation…

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