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The 10 Endpoint Security Products for Business
Threats Vulnerability

Fortinet is Buying Endpoint Security Agency enSilo

Fortinet announced on Monday that it has completed the acquisition of the enSilo endpoint security service, based in San Francisco. By acquiring it, Fortinet adds enSilo’s detection and response technology…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Based Proxy
Network Security Web Security

Mozilla: Cloudflare Charges Us No DoH Traffic

Mozilla publishes FAQ reports that outline its implementation plans for DNS-over-HTTPS. Mozilla has today clarified that “no funds are being exchanged for DNS Cloudflare requests” as part of the DNS-over-HTTPS…

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Hacks Tech Vulnerability

Micro Fixes Vulnerability in an Anti-Threat Toolkit

Trend Micro recently patched its Anti-Threat Toolkit (ATTK) for a high-grade remote software execution vulnerability. The Trend Micro ATTK tool lets users scan their system and perform clean rootkit, ransomware,…

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Cyber Security Conferences
Internet & Network Tech

Top 5 Cybersecurity Innovators 2019

Melih Abdulhayoğlu Turkish-born American inventor and entrepreneur, Melih Abdulhayoğlu comes in at number one on the list. Since building his first electronic circuit at age 9, Melih has been on…

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Google in Microsoft Edge
cybersecurity Data security Endpoint Security Web Security

Microsoft Invests in Computer Security

For PC manufacturing and silicon partners, Microsoft is collaborating to develop computers with a stable firmware layer. The project aims to counter threats targeting firmware and operating systems with the…

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Factors to Consider When Securing IoT Devices
Antivirus Firewall Security & Privacy Web Security

Top 7 Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Have you ever experienced being hacked in your Android smartphones and tablets? How do you feel? If you have already experienced hacking, well, you are not alone.  Today, there are…

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Chinese Hacking Team APT10, Still Actively Operating
Vulnerability Web Security

Public, Election Officers Can keep themselves in the Dark on Hack

If the FBI finds that foreign hackers have compromised the electoral district networks, you may not be aware of that until after the election is over. The governor and other…

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Aviation Equipment Major ASCO Victim of Ransomware Attack
Security & Privacy Vulnerability

Pitney Bowes Says Ryuk Ransomware’s Disruptions

Global shipping and e-commerce firm Pitney Bowes announced on Thursday that a piece of malware known as Ryuk has triggered the latest network disruptions. On Monday, the company told customers…

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Hackers Surgically Infected Asus Computers with Malware
Cyber Crime Mobile Security Vulnerability

Checking for Malware on Your iPad

If you own a jailbreak-free iPad, you have the assurance that your device is virus-free. Moreover, you’re safe from any vital issues caused by malware because it doesn’t target iPads…

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Everyday Mistakes In A Firm That Promotes IT Risks
Internet & Network Web Security

What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

We all know of the exponential growth of cybercrimes. The question now is, how do we stay ahead of a possible data breach? Some experts in the commercial real estate…

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