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How Do Random Number Generators Work?

In a real-world casino, random chance plays a huge part in ensuring that games are fair. If neither the player nor the house can predict which card will be drawn…

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Why should your health startup give priority to privacy and data security

How Internet Security Evolved in Tandem with iGaming

For a non-biological entity, the internet is an area filled with constant and unstoppable evolution. From the hardware which backs it to the software systems it carries, nothing in this…

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management (MDM)
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The Problem With Mobile Redirects

A mobile redirect is a code that causes a mobile visitor to be redirected to a page that is different in content from the page that is shown to users…

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4 Best Places To Study Technology in America

Technology education has become extremely popular lately. Students choose IT because it is the earnings of the future. Students of prestigious US universities who graduated from programs in computer science,…

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Cases of Cyber-Attacks in Kenya Rise to 11.2 million

Top Seven Skills Required For A Career In Cybersecurity

Advancement in technology has transformed the world on a massive scale, and the majority of the developed nations have become dependent on it. On the other hand, the extreme use…

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Are you following these tips to stay safe when spending money online?

The internet is a big place, and anything so large can have its pitfalls. Fear not though, there are methods that you can use to stay safe when spending any kind…

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How do I Become a Certified Blockchain Expert?

Technology was once upon a time needed to make things easier. Well, it did succeed in making things easy but soon became the lifeline that institutions needed for survival. Whether…

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Endpoint Detection and Response, The Emerging Technology
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4 Technology Challenges Faced by Entertainment Industry in 2020

The Entertainment industry is one of, if not the biggest money-spinning industry in the world today, catering to an audience of over a billion people. Faced by the challenge of…

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How to Build a Serverless App with Lambda?

Gone are the days when you needed in-house servers. Most of the companies have switched to serverless infrastructure these days. You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure because the…

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Bad Actors Still Raking Profit From Ransomware
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How Do You Get Ransomware?

You must have known enough that ransomware has emerged as the most prevalent malicious software that kidnaps your data, locks your file, and denies access to your computer. All this…

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