Cyber Crime

Things That Cybersecurity Professionals Should Never Do…

Cybersecurity is a very sensitive area, one small mistake and it could lead to grave consequences and big losses. Thus it needs to be pointed out that the cybersecurity professional’s…

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Changelly CEO gets connected with European Cybercrime Center

The ransom funds from the WannaCry attack were moved from Bitcoin to Monero, and now the barter included, are helping police to discover the culprits. Prior today, Cointelegraph reported on…

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Cyber Security Threat Hunters? Who Are They? What Do They Do?

The internet has brought with it a lot of benefits for us. Unfortunately, it has also introduced us to cyber crimes. Since the advent of this nefarious activity, the world…

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FCC DDoS Attack Raises Cybersecurity Concern

The FCC had encountered numerous DDoS assaults that affected its Open Internet comment docket, post this issue the House Democrats have raised their concern, citing that they are skeptical about…

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Iranian Hackers Used a FAKE Female Profile To Lure Targets

Iranian hackers have been blamed for impersonating a young photographer to contact researchers on social media. And what was their purpose in this endeavor? Extorting those researchers into working for…

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Data Breaches Affect 400,000 Customers of Italy’s Largest Bank

Massive data breaches that have hit UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, have reportedly affected 400,000 customers. A press release by UniCredit says that it has been “…the victim of a security…

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Cyber Security Skills Program Website Launched by UK Government

As part of the take off for its new cyber security skills program- The HMG Cyber Schools Programme- for teenagers, the UK government has launched a new website. This website,…

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Hacker Bestbuy Admits He Hijacked Deutsche Telekom Routers With Mirai IoT Malware

The 29-year old hacker, who is referred to as Hacker Bestbuy, has reportedly admitted to hijacking over 9 lac routers from the Deutsche Telekom network. BestBuy had hijacked the Deutsche…

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Cyber Security Policy: To Impose or Not to Impose?

Educate teenagers about the ill-effects of drugs and chances are they might refrain from doing them. On the other hand, ‘order them’ not to do drugs, and chances are they…

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Cybersecurity after OPM Breach

The data breach at the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in 2015 was a wakeup call for the U.S. Government. It was just what many government officials had…

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