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Google in Microsoft Edge

Security Vulnerability Detected by Google in Microsoft Edge

Google has now detected a new vulnerability in Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 default web browser; this detection has been made as part of Google’s Project Zero program. On MSFT,…

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Crypto-Mining Malware
Malware Web Security

Crypto-Mining Malware is Catching Up

According to Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact index, nearly 23 percent of organizations across the world is affected by the Coinhive – the Crypto-mining malware that drains CPU power…

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Deep Web and Dark Web Explained
Latest Security News Leaks

Top 10 Deep Web Search Engines of 2017

When we have to search something on the Internet, our mind by default goes to Google or Bing. Obviously, our mind is tuned that way, and we get the results…

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Windows 10 Security Features
Latest Security News Ransomware

The Anti-Ransomware Edition- Windows 10 Security Features

We have sourced this article of Susan Bradley CSO Online with the title “What’s new in Windows 10 security features: The anti-ransomware edition”. This gives a wonderful account on what…

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Cryptomining Supply Chain Attack 
Web Security

Once Again, it’s Cryptomining Supply Chain Attack 

Security researcher Scott Helme discovered a third party accessibility plugin called ‘Browsealoud’. In the past 24 hours, it was found that several browsers were compromised. The plugin hides on the…

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Scam in Chrome
Cyber Crime Tech

Cybercriminals Employ Scam in Chrome

Now here comes the latest where cybercriminals are abusing web browser code to create windows that prevent users from closing it, this is the latest finding from security company Malwarebytes. This is…

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Cyber Attacks
Latest Security News

Do Not Ignore the Existence of Cyber Attacks

Do you understand what is a real cyber attack and how to prepare yourself in case it happens? Every day cyber attacks are rapidly spreading all over the world, growing…

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Penetration Testing
Web Security

Penetration Testing – How it is Performed and Types

A penetration test, or pen-test, is an effort to measure the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in OSs, services, and…

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Crypto-Miners Attack
Hacks Web Security

Crypto-Miners Attack Thousands of Government Websites

More than 4000 government websites across the world has been attacked yet again, and this time again it’s the new player Cryptocurrency. The strain of malicious malware has made its way, as…

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Hackers Attack Your Website
Web Security

Six Popular Ways in Which Hackers Attack Your Website

Hackers and hacking have become so common that today you almost don’t need to explain what hacking is, even to most laymen. Hackers can hack a website or system or…

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