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Memory Forensics: The Key to Better Cybersecurity
Cyber Attacks Tech

Top 5 Effective Ways of Dealing with Cyber Bullying

Due to an increase in internet usage, many people can access the internet. Cyber is considered a crime. Most people think that they can get away with online bullying as…

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Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today
Hacks Tech Threats Vulnerability

6 Ways to Beat Hackers from Invading Your Phone

Technological advancement has seen smartphones become a crucial part of our lives. There are radical changes that have taken place in the mobile phone industry. What can be done with…

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How SaaS Management Vigilance Protects Your Company From Cyberattacks

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are known for their high potential for cybersecurity vulnerabilities — that is, if you don’t manage them properly. What’s more, with so many SaaS…

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Solve Cybersecurity Issues
Cyber Crime Latest Security News

The Health Care Technology Trends

Technology is currently evolving with such a fast speed that yearly predictions of trends might appear outdated even before they go live as an article or a published blog post….

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What Is Application Control — Types and Benefits
Mobile Security Security & Privacy Tech

The Rise of Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) represents a special kind of a web page that looks, feels, and functions as a native mobile application. PWAs are accessible via a browser, and…

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Security as a Service Why Apply for SECaaS
Threats Vulnerability Web Security

Keep Website Away From the Hackers, Learn WordPress Security Issues

As much as you love WordPress, hackers also love getting access to its websites. Yes, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular Content Management Systems….

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Mailguns WordPress Website Hacked

Is WordPress Secure for eCommerce Websites?

Are you thinking of building a WordPress eCommerce website? If yes, then you might be thinking about the fact that is WordPress secure to use or not? Yes, it is…

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Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security
Cyber Attacks Tech

Keep Your Data Safe, Get A Glimpse Of Basic WordPress Security Issues

Are you aware of the fact that WordPress’s market share is nearly 35% of all the websites across the globe? In addition to this, about 75,000,000 sites are running on…

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A Timeline of the Ashley Madison Hack
Web Security

How The Latest Plugin And Theme Helps To Avoid WordPress Vulnerability?

Are you running a WordPress website? If yes, then you must learn about the fact that there is several WordPress vulnerability. Moreover, black hat hackers are always waiting to get…

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Implementation of National Cyber Security Strategy

What is Product Strategy and How Do You Develop One?

A product strategy is a key contributor to the success of any product. It serves as a guide for all things you are going to do to ensure you deliver…

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