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Commoditization of Computing Hardware and the Bugs It Contains

Computer hardware is a commodity item nowadays; anyone that wants one can have one relatively cheaply, as it has a second-hand market as well. We went full circle, as the…

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Malware That Accompanies Google Chrome Download Detected

Are you downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge? If so, beware! You could get infected by malware and spyware. Yes, new Windows 10 users who download Google Chrome through Microsoft…

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Workplace by Facebook to Support Multi-Company Chats, Video Calls

Workplace by Facebook and the messaging app Work Chat would now be supporting multi-company chats, video calls etc. VentureBeat reports, “Facebook today announced that its Workplace by Facebook and messaging…

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WhatsApp’s Founder Accused Facebook of “Sold My Users’ Privacy”

Brian Acton, a well-known personality as a WhatsApp’s co-founder has accused Facebook of mishandling the WhatsApp’s user data, described it as “(Facebook) sold my user’s privacy.” Mr. Acton made a…

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Chrome 69’s Sync Controversy, Unacceptable as per World Renowned Cryptographer

Google is in the middle of a non-disclosure controversy with how Chrome 69 changed the behavior of the Chrome Sync feature. Prior to Chrome 69, logging-in to a Google account…

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Mikrotik Routers Compromised to Eavesdrop On Internet

A group of Mysterious hackers has been exploiting MikroTik routers to secretly eavesdrop on all the internet traffic going through them. Security researchers at Qihoo 360’s Netlab have revealed that…

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How to Know If Someone Is Stealing your Wi-Fi

The Internet has come a long way since its inception not restricted to those elite researchers and university proprietary. Presently the Internet is there in everybody’s pockets with their cell…

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Internet-of-Things in the Age of Standardization vs Security Issues

IoT adoption in the enterprise is one of the biggest changes that many companies are facing. Like the PC adoption in the 1980s and the “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon…

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Seven online scams and how to avoid them

Online scams are on the rise. In the UK alone, 2 million incidents were reported in 2017 – and with only a fraction of the crimes reported, the actual figure…

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Hackers Are Using These 6 Tools To Steal Your Cryptocurrency

In the early July, suspicious action around 2.3 million Bitcoin wallets was discovered, all of which appeared to be full-blown hacks in the making. The attackers utilized malware — known…

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